Reader Scottsdalepaleale teaches us a bit about what the hell a “Haboob” is.

CS readers may not know what a “Haboob” is, but we do down here in Phoenix. This video from this evening, about 1:30 into it, shows what it’s like to get caught in a dust storm like this one.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]


via Scottsdalepaleale

  • Scottsdalepaleale

    I submitted this because of the magnitude of this particular dust storm. It completely halted all air traffic in and out of Phoenix Sky Harbor airport for a time, and brought traffic on the roadways in the valley to a near or complete stop.

    Drivers are encouraged to slow down, put on their blinkers and their brights, and to keep moving. Cars that stop tend to get hit by those who are doing the safest thing and are continuing to move forward at a slow pace. If you do get hit by another driver, it’s far better for a driver to be hit while moving forward than to be hit while at a complete stop.

    Here are more details about the scope of tonight’s storm:

  • thediplomat

    Thanks for clarifying. I definitely didnt mean to belittle it in any way.

  • Scottsdalepaleale

    I linked to the wrong story, since it gives the conflicting bad advice of pulling over and putting the car into park. With drivers from all over the country here in Phoenix, no one knows what to do in anything other than sunshine…

  • Scottsdalepaleale

    Here’s another video from that storm:

    If people were driving in town, then it was best to find a parking lot or a side street and wait it out. It’s when people are driving on the highways that people do a few different things to try to be safe. With everyone doing different strategies, with only 10-15 feet of visibility, that things can go wrong quickly.