BSC 2011 - Week 26

Good morning, kids!  This is it, the halfway point in the Big Skeezy Challenge.  Like most of you, Big Skeezy had a long weekend during which he celebrated America’s birthday.  Would it result in a trip back into the dreaded 290s or would he be able to maintain his “losing streak”?  Let’s break it down:

To be honest with you all, having a three day weekend resulted in me nearly forgetting to weigh in this morning.  It’s not because I was hung over or anything of the like.  It was just because I felt like it was Monday and I had another day.  I’ll get to how that came out in a while.

I’m going to skip over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday simply because it’s the same thing for all of those days.  I hit the gym, I ate right, I did everything just the way I was supposed to.  The middle of the week is always the worst for storytelling because it’s rare that anything gets particularly real.

Friday, however, started the drive into the three day weekend and I could not have been happier about it.  I got my exercise in and ate well all day Friday.  I ended up spending Friday night fairly quietly, hanging out with some friends.  I did indulge in some pizza but, having not eaten a ton that day, I didn’t think much of it.

Saturday was spent summering in Malibu at the beach club.  I played some volleyball, relaxed and ended up with one hell of a sunburn.  A few of my friends decided to go kayaking on the ocean but I declined, as I was far too comfortable sitting on the beach enjoying a margarita while watching the world go by.  Saturday evening was spent with friends,alying down fresh tracks in the Beat Laboratory.

Sunday started off quietly, as my first order of business was to travel to Manhattan Beach to have lunch with two lovely ladies:


That’s right!  “Wendi” and the one and only GIRL BABY!  She’s quite the little pill, that Girl Baby.  She’s coming up on a year old and has such a personality now.  Better yet, she walks a bit and knows how to SMASH.  I couldn’t be prouder.

After lunch I made my way to the mall and did a spot of shopping before meeting up with my friend “Katy” for a few drinks at one of the local watering holes.  That ended up being a bit long and drunk, but everyone made it home safely which is the important part.

Finally, it was the Fourth of July.  I hit the gym with my pal Kyle around 11:00 AM and then we made our way to Ralph’s to stock up on the necessities for the day we were about to spend poolside: handle of tequila, chicken, hot dogs, etc.  Some more friends joined us and it turns out we knew a good number of people in the pool.  I cooked up some hot links, hot dogs and the chicken.  We brought the inflatable beer pong raft out and it was used a lot.  On that note, do you know how hard it is to not drink beer on America’s birthday?  First of all, it’s everywhere.  Secondly, it’s delicious!  Third, it’s the go-to of every party-goer in the country.  I had to keep a bunch of tequila and vodka handy to fight the temptation.  I was able to keep my vow, though.  Not a drop of beer has passed these lips since I made my announcement last week.

Speaking of announcements, it’s time to get to the good stuff.  I took it easy this week, diet-wise.  While I didn’t eat TOO terribly I certainly didn’t exercise like I normally do and I took certain liberties with my diet (hot dogs, sandwiches, etc.).  It was America’s birthday, after all, and I wanted to celebrate. Plus I figured this is the halfway point in the BSC and I can take my foot off the gas a little bit.  It’s summer and I intend to spend it taking as much advantage as possible.  The BSC is a lifestyle change and I need to learn to balance out the being good with the being bad so neither ends up destroying me.

In any case, I stepped onto the scale this morning and discovered that…

…nothing had happened.  I’m still 289.

I’m happy with that, all things considered.  It wasn’t my strongest week but knowing that I was able to maintain is a good sign that I’m starting to really get the hang of this.

Enjoy the summer, kids.  I’ll see you next week.