Anonymous Arizona Tweet

In protest over the Arizona’s immigration policies, Anonymous is releasing more data from its raid on the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The latest dump includes over 1,200 officers’ usernames, passwords, emails addresses, credit card numbers, and incrementing emails. Emails between officers contain racist comments about torturing “ragheads”, anti-Obama slurs, and pornography. Private documents from the Fraternal Order of Police and correspondence outlining their PR strategy to quell the public’s reaction to findings of a sex offender in the ranks are also included.

Here is an excerpt from Anonymous on pastbin as part of their AntiSec movement:

In this batch of emails we found more racist email chain emails, including Springerville’s police chief Mike Nuttal forwarding jokes about torturing “ragheads”. FOP president Brandon L Musgrave was also forwarding anti-muslim emails while also purchasing large amounts of guns, so we’re dumping his paypal and credit card information as well. Other drama includes internal arguments over FOP positions, disputes over arrested FOP member Michelle Preiss, lots of crude anti-Obama jokes, and lots lots more. Amusingly we also were reading James Mann’s emails as they were discussing the AZDPS hacks and struggling to send out press releases explaining why they had a sex offender in their FOP ranks. Initially James changed all his passwords and pulled the AZFOP sites down out of fear of impending hacker attacks, but there is no stopping the kind of chaos we bring upon all those who cross our path.