Earlier this year the Cosby Sweaters team discussed the Importance of a Comma and why grammar and clear communication are so important. A recent grade school grammar error forced us to revisit the issue. Our society and our education system have turned focus to math and technical skills…everyone wants their kid to be the next Mark Zuckerberg. “Developers rule the world”, they say. “We need our kids to keep up in a global marketplace”, they say. But clear communication is the most important, basic skill. And that starts with grammar.

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  • Bill Hudnall

    When I read stories online, particularly sports stories, I am getting less and less enjoyment from them because of the irritating distraction of illiteracy among the writers. These people are PAID for what they write yet should I be so bold as to criticize their numerous errors, I am blasted by them (the writers!) for “concentrating on one little mistake instead of seeing how little Markie Brown gave his brother his right hand so he could keep pitching after the horrible squirrel incident.” This human interest/gossip/sports story having been lifted from somewhere else, anyway. This happened, once again, just a few days ago when I pointed out to the writer, who had lifted the story from elsewhere – in order to make bucks – that his HEADLINE and PHOTO CAPTION describing the “cache” the Rangers received from drafting a crippled player should have read “cachet.” You’d have thought I’d kicked an old lady down a flight of stairs. Yeh, blame me for your illiteracy, you stupid, sob. I have just now finished reading an article of about 7 paragraphs and could not wait to get through it, the grammar and punctuation having made the article nearly illegible.
    I don’t care if you misspell a word here and there, miss a comma, etc. But by God don’t talk some idiot into hiring you for your “insight” when yer illitrett. People, stop going to sites where you know the writer didn’t pass second grade. Ignore him, not his ignorance!

    Baton Rouge

  • martin

    You mean spelling?