Instapaper Servers Seized
Image courtesy of The Mac Observer


DigitalOne, a Swiss hosting company, had their Virginia datacenter servers raided by the FBI on Tuesday resulting in several websites being knocked offline. The FBI absconded with several server blades, including those that may or may not have had anything to do with the reason for the raid. One seized server was responsible for hosting and running Instapaper, the popular offline reading platform. The developer of Instapaper, Marco Arment, said backups were in place that prevented the service from completely going offline and that the FBI has “illegal possession of nearly all of Instapaper’s data and a moderate portion of its codebase.”

The data that was taken by the FBI includes a complete list of Instapaper users, their email addresses, non-deleted bookmarks, and salted SHA-1 hashes of passwords. According to Arment, if you are an Instapaper user, you should be relatively safe even with the hashes in the hands of the FBI.

[via: Cult of Mac]