A TMZ cameraman got just a wee bit confused recently.  He thought he had the ultimate scoop catching LeBron James outside a club and ambushing with questions about his future with the heat.  Only problem is the NBA player in question was actually Greg Oden.

Huge points for Greg Oden having a sense of humor.  When asked if he was a ballplayer Oden replied with this zinger:

I tried, but I’m not good at it

That’s giving it all to keep a joke going.  Well played.

The cameraman attempts to recover by asking if he’s an NBA player or at least someone’s bodyguard (because apparently NBA player and bodyguard are the only job options for a black guy over six feet tall).  Unfortunately,rather than getting the front page he gets roundly mocked by his own team back at the office:


Apparently being a #1 pick doesn’t carry as much recognition as it used to.  Keep guessing, odds are any white dude over 6’6″ is Dirk Nowitzki.