Earlier in the NBA Finals, one of Cosby Sweaters favorite rappers (Birdman) tweeted that he has bet 2 million dollars on the Miami Heat winning the title.  Unfortunately, Miami tanked and the 2 million dollars was lost.  Did it bother the CEO of Cash Money Records?  Apparently not.  That is Birdman and Lil Wayne partying with the Larry O’Brien championship trophy.

  • Lu

    I have lost 500 dollars in beting Heat. But it makes me clear that I wont bet anymore.
    But I am sure one thing, if you had not bet the heat, the heat would have win the title.

  • Pempe

    Well, if anyone reads this and buys any CD or song from YM/CM they are nuts. I don’t need to line anyone’s pockets who so openly mocks my middle class status.