Aaron Rome leveled a late, nasty elbow to Nathan Horton’s head in the open ice and was immediately knocked out cold.  The blindside left Horton lying on the ice for a good 5 minutes before he was carted off by a stretcher.  Aaron Rome was assessed a 5 minute major for the hit, but we imagine it won’t take long for him to hear from the NHL’s front office. Last we heard, Nathan Horton was responsive and moving his extremities.  Today the NHL levied a 4 game suspension against Aaron Rome for the hit, do you think that is a fair punishment?

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABcQ6nnmoGg[/youtube]


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  • fuzzyt

    The Canucks are a bunch of thugs

    • ribe

      Eh, Bruins play the same way. Both teams have very little class. Disgraceful series

    • It was just a good ol boyz clean hit that we see the good ol bruins give in almost every games. Love it..We know who the thugs are, and so do you..They just showed the bruins if you want to play a goon’s game so can we… Love that 1st period!!!

      • Koko77

        The bruins are a tough team, yes… wish i could say the same about the vancouver pussies. i would never call them thugs because i consider toughness to be a part of thuggery and vancouver has proven that they not only are they without class, integrity, and honor… they are also without balls. Boston plays tough insofar as they will hit you as hard as they can, they stick up for their teamates, and they can drop the gloves with the best of them… and they can do this without being cheap. Vancouver on the other hand is not capable off playing tough and they know it. So they dive and fake penalties to get powerplays when they can’t score 5 on 5, they deliver cheap shot hits cause they arent capable of delivering real hits like the type of hits Chara and Boychuck and Lucic can deliver night in and night out, they taunt and bait the other team and then refuse to man up and drop the gloves to back up their words, and then, when they realized that they couldn’t match Boston’s toughness in game 3, the coach taps his goon on the shoulder and seconds later Boston’s most clutch player – one of the best in the playoffs – gets taken out of the playoffs (if not longer) by one of the most blatantly dirty hits in recent history. The Canucks make me want to puke. They make the Canadiens look like a respectable member of the NHL. And most of all, Vancouver has proven without a doubt that they are undeserving and unworthy of hoisting the cup. If Lord Stanley were alive today, he would make them rename the Stanley Cup before allowing a team like the Canucks to take home a trophy bearing his name.

        • Stephen

          Funny you guys talk about Boston being tough since Tampa should have beat you, and they’re the smallest team in the league..

          • Clark

            but tampa didnt beat them so…

    • eyez wide open

      How can anyone not see him lunging to initiate the hit? How can anyone call this a clean hit? WTF is Aaron Rome?

      The only thing I hold against the Bruins is the fact that not EVERYONE went after this POS. If i were the coach I would have ordered every single player to go out and punch the sheet out of this clown.

      In over 40 years of watching hockey this was certainly one of the lowest points. This is the reason the Canucks won’t win the cup, gee, in 40 years an armless man could count the cups the Canucks have won on his fingers.

      • madmdg

        Are you even fucking kidding me you think this was the worst hit you’ve seen in forty years of watching hockey then you must only watch espn highlights. Your a fool you sound like you haven’t even watched one game.

  • DJ

    The commentator states this hit was a “little late” – no sh*t Sherlock. Fact is, Rome is a thug and this hit was a cheap shot – just as dangerous as a hit from behind. If this incident had occurred during an IIHF game, Rome would certainly face suspension. I hope the NHL does the right thing and sits Rome for the remainder of the Finals.

    • They should have sit Chara after the decapitation attempt on Max Pacioretty…..

      • DJ

        Got no problem with that.

  • Tommy

    It was a clean hit. Horton should keep his head on a swivel and concentrate on the front of the ice and not what is going on around him. Fact is, Boston fans (besides being the greatest fair weather fans in the world) are always the first to cry “nawt fair” when its another team leveling one of their own.

    • Bill

      Tommy, What the heck are you smoking?!?!?! It most definitely was a late hit. It is obvious you know nothing about hockey. And, NO, I am not a Bruins fan to say the least. Wake up buddy!!!!

    • Scott

      He left his feet jackass. Thats against the rules.

      • it takes a jackass to know one!!!

        • CommonSense

          No it doesn’t…

      • bobo the clown

        He did not leave his feet untill they crashed into each shifting the force of momentum upwards which caused his feet to come of the ice…. I say clean hit.

      • He didn’t leave his feet. The collision took both players off their feet! It was a little late, but it wasn’t “dirty” per se.

    • pepsi

      You are a moron. Where is the puck? The puck is being carried by the wing, so Horton doesn’t need his head on a swivel; what he needs is to drive the lane without being held up, or in this case, blindsided by a very dangerous hit. Rome should be suspended not only for the remaining series, but the beginning of next season. You, Tommy, should have your commentary suspended due to ignorance. Moron.

      • Kevin Roy

        Even though Rum goes better with Coke, I’d have to agree with you, Pepsi. I’ve been a hockey fan since the 60’s, and that hit was unnecessary, very late, and one of the dirtiest I’ve seen in a long time (including Chara’s hit on Pacioretty). I’m a life-long Bruins fan, and I look at each call without bias. I’m glad we won’t be seeing Rome for the rest of the playoffs. Goodbye loser! And Tommy, you should go hang out with Rome and watch the rest of the games… because birds of a feather flock together. Loser!

        • I agree with Tommy it was a clean hit, get over it or call 911…

        • ZAZLM

          AHAHAH! I’m a life-long Bruins fan, and I look at each call without bias

        • Bryan

          I too have been a fan for 50 yrs and a Bruins fan at that.I think his suspension is justified,it was an illegal hit,we all know you can’t leave your feet to check!

          • CommonSense

            I’m a Flyers fan… With that being said, the hit was late. There is no denying that. It was a cheap shot as well. Rome knew exactly what he was doing. He knew Horton wasn’t paying attention. If he had hit him a bit lower, he probably would have gotten 2 minutes and that would have been it.

            I do think 4 games is a little harsh though for one cheap hit. I think 2 would have been sufficient.

          • Bryan, if you’ve been a fan for 50 years.. you know as much as i do what the Bruins are capable to do.. We’ve seen this crap by the bruins for 50 years..Watch the video when he delivered the hit his feet was on the ice, the momentum is what got his feet off the ice, Don’t be so blind, look at it. you can watch it a 100 times if you like to really see what happen. I wish they would show the Chara hit on Max. Pac as good as they show this one. But that will never happen..FOX SPORT or anybody else has the balls to show it.That hit was intend to break his neck and it did.

    • Chooch

      Tommy I couldn’t agree more Boston fans a bunch of thumb suckin babies. It they were the ones that put the wood to the guy it would be clean! I agree with Orr he didn’t leave his feet and lead with his shoulder! A interference penalty at the most! Thats the nature of hockey these days!

    • Bob O

      What an idiotic post. “keep his head on a swivel” means that you think he should be aware of what is happening around him and then you go as far as to say that he should not concentrate on what is happening around him??!!

      The NHL obviously thought is was a cheap shot all the way and anyone that thinks differently is a moron.

      • I guess i am a moron. Thank you!!!

    • prjc

      you are a moron , he wasnt even near a puck a**hole. learn the rule book idiot

      • I am a moron, a**hole, and a idiot. in one sentence. What should we call you???Get over it man, it was a clean check.. Stop crying and man up sweetheart. After watching the Bruins for 50 years that’s the only rule book that i know. “Hit to injure” It’s in the Bruins rule book…Read it…

        • Sons of Neely

          Bramball, your a clown. You can’t hit someone 3 seconds after the puck is passed while launching and throwing an elbow to the head. That shit doesn’t even fly in the WWE.

          • Sons of Neely, then you must be Bozo#2…I’ll bet you $100. that it wasn’t 3 seconds Bozo..it was less than 1 second. To make it a fair discussion please stop the BS…OK Mr. son of BOZO??

          • madmdg

            Guy get your facts strait it was a second after he passed the puck.A little late I agree but not worth a suspension.

        • Matty O

          OK A hole I’ll go to the library and see if I can find that book. This cheap shot is not about 50 years, its not about Chara it’s about a late blindside
          hit that could have killed him. It was not necessary and when someone like Bobby Orr says it was a blindside cheap shot I’ll take his word for it. He also represents some of the Canuck players so he’s not totally biased. Also if I was Rome I would want to crawl into a hole when the greatest player who ever lived calls you out as basically a cheap no talent thug.

    • madmdg

      Right on dude it couldn’t of been put a better way!

  • Cal

    DIRTY HIT No Doubt…. Rome Seen It All The Way And Even Left His Feet To Get A Little Extra On It… One Thing When Two Players Are Coming At Each Other Head To Head, Then It Becomes A Battle Of Attrition, Big Hit Wins…. Getting Plowed Open Ice With No Puck On Your Stick, DIRTY……..

    • madmdg

      Maybe you should go back to the Tampa series and look over the Ryder hit that was cheap late and bullshit nothing got called!

  • Bobby Orr

    Clean hit. Perfect hit, really. All shoulder. No elbow. No stick. No head-butt. And for the morons out there, including the announcers, take a closer look, they even give you slow motion. Rome DID NOT “leave his feet” to put a little extra into the hit, or whatever retarded thing they said. You don’t leave your feet to hit a guy harder. You PLANT your feet. Like Rome did. Watch the freakin’ video. He plants his feet. He’s almost STOPPED, which if you know anything about hockey, means it actually took some of the force out of the hit. If he’d been skating fast the force of the hit would’ve been a lot harder. He appears (to the dimwits) to “leave his feet” only because the force of the contact with Horton takes him off his feet. No big surprise there. Anybody who knows anything about hockey can see that it was a clean, technically perfect hit. It was, of course, a fraction of a second late. Horton was carrying the puck, Rome lined him up, Horton passed and, until the pass is completed and the other guy receives the puck and gets control of it, Horton is still technically the puck carrier. But clearly Rome hit him AFTER the other Boston guy got control of the puck. So it was a great hit, but a late hit. And he correctly got an interference penalty. Five minutes was probably the incorrect call, but it’s an emotional call by the ref, under pressure from the fans. It was ridiculous that he got tossed out of the game. Another cave in to fan pressure. Political correctness hits the ice! And the worst thing is that they’re punishing what was a great, textbook hit. Meet your man head on, plant yourself, lead and hit with your shoulder, no dirty stuff, no elbow, no stick, right out in the middle of the ice, no cheap shot from behind into the board or into the goalpost. Hell, all the chippy little crap that Boston players were doing after the whistle around both nets, that was worse than Rome’s hit. And it’s typical of Boston’s so-called “tough” style of play. But Rome’s hit was tough. And clean. Boston’s little crap with the sticks and the crosschecks from behind, and rubbing the edge of their gloves in guys faces, and sticking their gloves in guys faces, and pulling them down from behind. Always from behind. And they want to complain about Rome?! All their chippy little cowardly stuff is the stuff the announcers should be criticizing, and the NHL should be trying to eliminate. Who DOESN’T want to see great, open-ice, shoulder checks?!! As compared to little spears, and baby punches from behind, and chokes from behind, and kicking a guys skates out from under him, and so on? Ridiculous comments from almost everybody who commented on this, from the announcers, to the officials, to the fans.

    • Whyme

      Bobby Orr, some justification theory you have there. You are an ass. Big-time!

      • Kevin Roy

        Bobby Orr: Bobby Orr would not agree with you. It was NOT a perfectly clean hit, BECAUSE it was late. Try a simpler sport dum bass. And change your screen name to dirty hockey.

        • DJ

          Right on Kevin. Orr wouldn’t definitely not agree with “Bobby”. Orr was and is class all the way. And he was a punishing body-checker – and did it clean. As far as I am concerned, the greatest hockey player ever. Could do it all and do it with speed. And most of all, a humble and gracious man – no trash talking there. Did his talking with his play – and usually made the opposing teams look like clowns. Long live Robert Gordon Orr!

        • Kevin, you would have to be a Bruins fan to have a screen name “dirty hockey”.. Can’t make a point without calling names do you?? That’s make you the dum bass….

      • Capsfan

        Orr , you obviously don’t read what you wrote. You even said that it is a late hit!! Dude, it is obvious that it is more of a blindside hit the puck is gone it is 3 strides when u look at the video, plenty of time to turn an make the impact less. But this being SC Playoffs makes some people like you think it is great to cream a player anytime you can. I am not a Bruins fan either, and know the B’s have had a few lame hits as well. The fact is this, he hit him up high, yes I agree the impact caused the skates to come off the ice. Yes they are called skates ,not feet, this is Ice Hockey not basketball. Either way blind side is a penalty in the sports . OH, maybe you might need to ref a game sometime and realize when a player is able to pull up a bit or when he obviously is trying to hit him a hard shoot. A wake up call as they call them. Yet in this case it was lights out, yes the ice most likely knocked him completely out, but am sure he had a good whiplash from the hit as well. Seriously dude, a hard hit doesn’t mean it is a clean hit, rule 48 is the head shot rule. Unless you’re blind you can look at the video and see it is high NOT shoulder to shoulder . A player should not have to be needing to duck to avoid hits when clearly AS YOU SAID the pass was gone , the Bruin player on the wing has control of the puck. DUH, read what you write !!!

    • Bill

      Bobby Orr (really we know you are not though),

      You are an idiot!!! A late hit is still a dirty hit you moron. Rome did not have to hit him. He chose to apply the late hit and for that he will be suspended. LEARN THE GAME!!!

      • Bill you are right…. no body should hit the Bruins, after all they don’t try to injure with their hits lol..So remember all NHL players do not hit the Bruins!!!!

    • pepsi

      A little late . . .
      Totally correct call, in fact, should draw a suspension for about ten games. These guys do not get hit like this “a little late.” They only get hit like this when they’re not suspecting it because it isn’t supposed to happen. Cheap hit; good call.

    • FGCSL1

      You should be ashamed of yourself using the name of the best hockey player to lace up a pair of skates to hide the fact you are clueless. “clean”? “perfect”? On your home planet maybe. But welcome to Earth, pal. Take a look at the video playing over and over above. He is moving into Horton’s path from an oblique angle and does not “plant his feet”. On the contrary, he comes in knees bent and then raises up to make sure his shoulder makes contact with Horton’s head. I agree with those that believe that his suspension should last a lot longer than the 4 games levied against him for the end of this season. And you, are a waste of skin.

      • It was the best hit i didn’t see for a long time.. Keep it up boys…

        • Koko77

          Hey Bramball, do u wear footie pajamas??? By the way, I’m pretty sure that Patchy put his own head in front of the stanchion and caused his own injury. He was trying to fake an injury to draw a call on Chara to get a powerplay, and he accidentally injured himself in the process.

          • Hey Koko, you saw the hit 100 feet away. If you saw it in a video like the one above, (close range)you wouldn’t say that, His head was steered into the stanchion by Zero Chara. The sport people in New England will not show it. It would make you sick.. I asked, and begged, to show a video like this one above of that hit… And so far no luck…So sport casters, any sport people in NE do you have any balls to show a close shot video of that hit like the one above? I challenge you!!! By the way Koko sweetheart would you mind if my pajamas didn’t have footie??..Is there a color you prefer? What about if i didn’t wear no pajamas at all would you still love me?

    • Sons of Neely

      So you are allowed to blindside check someone 3 seconds after the puck is passed? what sport are you watching

    • Matty O

      The real Bobby Orr tends to disagree with you. To call yourself Bobby Orr is a joke you are just a no life A hole

    • madmdg

      Right on!!!!! Bobby Orr all the way it sounds like half the friggin people in here hasn’t even played this sport! What you wrote is like a sore dick you just can’t beat it.

    • Changeyourscreennamebobbyorryou’re an idiot

      How can you watch that replay — and miss everything? There’s nothing about that hit that isn’t dirty. First of all, it was late (and therefore interference). Horton didn’t have the puck. Your notion that he is still a puck carrier until the person he passed to has the puck on his stick is a fictional delusion that exists only in your mind. Where did you get that from? Second, he hit him in the head, and the head was his primary target (and therefore a violation of rule 48) Third, he left his feet (launching). He went down low, and then extended upward. He was in the act of leaving his feet when he made contact. If you leave your feet during the hit instead of BEFORE the hit, that doesn’t mean you didn’t leave your feet.

  • hatesbothteams

    If you think that the hit was anything less then dirty and malicious you are a moron and clearly know nothing about hockey, that or you should get your eyes checked. No one needs to waste their breath explaining to you why this hit is dirty. I know Vancouver fans are stupid.. but not that stupid.

    • Our problem is that we watched the Bruins for a too long time, we like it when they get their own medicines. Keep it up Canucks..

      • Koko77

        I agree… keep it up Canucks. Keep doing exactly what you did in Game 3. Keep playing dirty so that more Canucks get suspended (I’m thinking Burrows) til there’s noone left to play and keep giving up 8 goals a night. Hahahahaha, I love how the Canucks fans think the hit was ok and then say Chara’s hit was worse. First of all, I thought the Chara hit on Paciaretti was a bad hit and he should have been suspended. The difference is that Patchywhatshisname is a mouthy little diving bitch in the style of Maxim Lappierre who will only get involved in a scrum after the whistle, pussies out in the face of danger and who would lay on the ice crying in pain with a hangnail if he thought it would get his team a powerplay whereas Horton is one of (if not the) best player on his team who lets his play do his talking, isn’t afraid to get physical and didn’t do anything to deserve such an unfortunate end to such a productive postseason after he waited years for the chance play for a cup. The Canucks should be very afraid because they have pissed off a much tougher group of hockey players than what they have in Vancouver. When the Bruins get angry, they play some of their best hockey (i.e. Periods 2 and 3) and right now their goal is to make sure that the guy who ended such a phenomenal playoff debut for one their most promising new stars doesn’t get a ring.

        • koko you’re sick… Get some help. You really need it…

  • hatesbothteams

    wow Bobbyorr you are a moron…. “a fraction of a second late” “until the pass is completed and the other guy receives the puck and gets control of it”
    hahahahaha this is just Moronic… his skate is on the red line when he passes it and his whole body is even with the blue line when he gets hit. thats 25 feet between those 2 lines! and no the player who was passed the puck doesnt need to gain control of even receive the pass, when it’s left his possession that’s it… you have a very short window to “finish a check” .. that window was well past. Would have been a beauty hit if he had the puck, but seeing as how the puck was no where near him it was dirty as hell.

  • jon snidle

    Great hit! clean, shoulder only hit. Horton has to be more aware of what is around him. Defence men live for stupid forwards to not be looking. It is a part of the game, those who think it is dirty have never played the game. If you think dirty, pull up your skirt and go watch tennis or soccer

    • Kevin Roy

      I grew up in Berlin, NH, formerly called “Hockey Town U.S.A.” long before Detroit bought the moniker. From 1947 to 1973, the first 26 yrs. of high school hockey tournaments in NH, either Berlin High or our catholic school, Notre Dame, won the state championships. The city was 85% French Canadian descendants at the time, and B.H.S. had to play the best teams from Boston and Montreal to have any competition. We also had our own Junior-A team, the Berlin Maroons, who had both very fast and talented players as well as big defensemen that could send opposing team’s players out on a stretcher. Whether we won or lost, most of the time we played clean. So when one of our players would lay someone out like Rome did (on a late, unnecessary hit), we certainly noticed right away and didn’t cheer him on. I can only remember a couple of these dirty hits from Berlin players, after 100s of games. Rome should be a man and apologize for a hit that should have never been. Dirty hockey!

    • Capsfan

      Jon, realllyyyy?? WELL I HAVE played Ice Hockey for 20 years as well coached. I never taught anyone to run a person from one line to the other line. You don’t have to be a hockey wizard to see this fact as you seem to think. Guess you played a hit n run type game yourself. Read my reply to Bobby Orr. The lame leading the lame. He had a chance to pull up and away from making that type of hit, he Chose NOT to . THAT IS A FACT!! The video shows it.

      • jon snidle

        what did you play? no contact hockey? I played 25 years of top level hockey, including junior A that was a clean hit! Also have coached for another 30 years and seen a lot of hockey in those years, as I said put on a skirt and go play tennis if you think that was dirty1

        • PHIL

          I hate to disagree with a senior citizen but seriously jon, are you watching the same replay most of us sane people are? You can tell Rome is gunning for Horton before he passed the puck. He went from one side of center circle to the other just to hit him late. Not once did Rome look at the fact that Horton passed the puck, that or he didn’t care. Which makes him stupid and dangerous. These guys are professionals and are paid to react and Rome didn’t react well here. As long as Horton is out Rome should be too.

          • jon snidle

            “You can tell Rome is gunning for Horton before he passed the puck. He went from one side of center circle to the other just to hit”
            isn’t that what he there for? to go after the puck carrier?

          • Hey Phil, why is it so different thinking when the Bruins gets the short end of it. If this was a Bruin giving that hit you guys would say this was just a good hit. I know it and you know it. Those kind of hits will will be delivered by the Bruins in the future and you will love it..So please Bruins fan lets stop the crying.

          • PHIL

            jon- he wasn’t the puck carrier!
            bramball- stop assuming. I’m not a Bruins fan.

  • Shay

    You are a moron! That was a deliberate and dirty late hit, with no purpose other than damage to the opponent. The elbow is up, and the hit is on the blind side. This “thug” needs to be taken off the ice for the rest of the finals and beyond.Dont point to other hits as justification, treat this one on the merits.He neither planted his feet, nor had any other intention but to hurt and slam the opponent with deliberate violence.This is not hockey but a criminal act.

    • Chara’s hit was a criminal act. This was just a good hit that we witness the Bruins giving all the time.A hit that you love to see the Bruins deliver on all fast skaters. Come on be a man tell the truth. You will see the bruins do it again, take my word for that..

  • DJ

    To All Concerned:

    First of all, there is quite a bit of chippy stuff going on from both sides. I never claimed in my comment on this hit that the Bruins are angels. But the chippy stuff usually does not have the potential to shorten or even end a player’s career. And I do agree the NHL should eliminate chippy play, that is why I would rather watch college or international hockey. Did any of you have the chance to watch the IIHF World Championships this year? Great hockey and the refs call the game as it should be called. Try to pull any crap out there, if they catch you – you’re gone. And if it is really bad, they review it after the game and hand out suspensions. Anyway, as far as “keeping your head up” goes, a player has to be aware – especially when carrying or about to receive the puck. But if you do not have the puck, should it really be necessary to “have your head on a swivel” constantly? Isn’t it reasonable for a player without the puck to assume that he is not going to be blind-sided? I suppose you could say that Rome’s hit was “clean”, his stick was down and he put his shoulder into Horton. But there is one major problem – Horton had long given up the puck. And you can not skate around the rink hitting players that don’t have possession, blindside or whatever – doesn’t matter. So, in fact, the hit was not “clean” because it was against the rules – sorry.

    • Bobby Orr

      I said “clean” in the sense of using only his shoulder – no stick, no elbow, no head butt. I was also referring to the general comments and even the title of this page. It was not a “blindside” hit. Rome hit him straight on and in the front. A blindside hit is a term from football, where the pass rusher hits the QB from behind. The exact opposite of this hit. If you want to be really literal, then I guess you could say that a blindside hit is any hit a player gets when he is “not looking” and doesn’t “see” the hit coming. But obviously that would also refer to guys carrying the puck with their head down. Re. the chippy stuff that goes on, in itself it usually doesn’t hurt a player, though it has the potential to do so when it involves spearing and kicking a guy’s skates out from under him. The most important aspect though is that it builds up a lot of aggression on all sides and, if not called by the ref, will almost certainly lead to increasingly more violent stuff later in the game or in the series. The key to the whole discussion here is the length of time between Horton’s pass and Rome’s hit. You say “long given up the puck”, but I say maybe a second. Obviously Horton had already passed the puck, as I said. NHL players move at incredibly high speed and you have fractions of seconds to react. In my view, Horton was carrying the puck, Rome lined him up, Horton pass the puck off, but Rome kept coming and hit him straight up. Late hit? Yes. Really late hit? No. Dirty hit? No. Cheap shot? No. Dangerous hit? Yes, like most hits in the NHL. A lot of the impact of the hit is due to the fact that Rome is a lot taller than Horton. Rome’s shoulder hit Horton in the head. Horton’s head then hit the ice pretty hard. I don’t know which of the two hits caused the most harm. Having seen thousands of hits like this over a lifetime, and having taken a few dozen myself, in a variety of sports (hockey, football, even lacrosse, though those were crosschecks), to get hurt as badly as Horton did is a bit of a fluke. I would tend to think that the most serious aspect of his injury was caused by hitting his head on the ice. Rome’s hit, in most instances, would have definitely rung Horton’s bell, as the saying goes, but it might have just ended there. Especially if their height difference wasn’t so marked. I don’t think Rome aimed at Horton’s head. I think he just wanted to put his shoulder into him. I don’t know if at the time of the hit he saw that Horton wasn’t looking up ice. I really don’t know what to say. We can only give our opinions. I don’t think Rome tried to hurt him. I don’t think the hit was out of line. When I say “clean” and “technically perfect” and “part of the game”, even though they’re cliches, I mean that it wasn’t a cheap shot, it wasn’t dirty, it wasn’t from behind, it wasn’t into the boards, it wasn’t using his stick, and so on. It WAS late. In my opinion, not all that late. It was out in the open ice and, from an aesthetic point of view, a thing of beauty. A beautiful throwback to old-time hockey. Though I emphasize that Horton’s injury is really unfortunate and I hope he can come back ASAP. There’s an element of bad luck here, too, as Rome’s hit, 99% of the time, wouldn’t have caused serious injury. That said, everyone’s got an opinion about international hockey, and Olympic hockey, and I’m glad you enjoy it. I do too, for the most part. But in my opinion they call the game far too closely. I don’t know what you mean by “crap”, but as it refers to stickwork and hacking and cheap shots from behind when guys are around the nets, especially after the whistle, and kicking guys’ skates out from under them, etc. Okay, I agree with you. But I prefer NHL hockey. I do prefer a “tougher”, more physical game, if you will. There is and should be a place for hard hits, using your shoulder, and hip checks, out in the open ice, and hard shoulder checks into the boards, with sticks down, and no blindside hits. To conclude: as to Rome’s hit, as I said, it was late. It was against the rules, and deserved a penalty. In my opinion, it was just barely late, and hard to avoid on Rome’s part, given the speed of the NHL and the specific circumstances in that particular play. Rome was guilty of interference, though I do not think it was a 5-minute major. I think it should’ve been 2 minutes, it wasn’t a flagrant foul, there wasn’t intent to injure. Throwing him out of the game was uncalled for. As for possible retaliation, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Boston players go after Rome and other Canucks in their typical Beantown style, with sticks up, and hitting guys from behind, and all the chippy little crap that makes them the Bruins. But let’s hope they do it straight up, out in the open ice, going in with a shoulder or a hip.

      • Bill


        You are still an idiot. Stop trying to convince everyone else to the contrary.

        • Bobby didn’t have to convince me…I watched the bruins for a long time and i know what they’re capable of doing. And so do you!!!

      • gracie

        “Clean HIt??” Don’t think so. Horton clearly did not have the puck. By hitting him like that, Rome may have ended his career. I’m a penguins fan and the hit Crosby took at the winter classic was a clean hit. What Rome did differently than steckle was that you can clearly see him leaving his feet,(watch the slow mo) and that Horton didn’t see him coming. Why should he know, he didn’t have the puck. Hopefully the Bruins don’t have to go without Horton as long as we have had to go without Sidney. And hopefully he recovers fully.

      • George Gibbons

        I have watched the video SEVERAL TIMES and Rome left his feet! You can even see him landing at the end of the above video. I love hits and smacks and fighting these two teams share, but to hit someone without them looking, is a dirty hit. Watching the video, it is clear that Rome saw him coming, changed directions, and flew into the hit. Also notice Horton’s head. It was the first thing of his body to hit the ice. 4 game suspension? Should have been worse. Rome got off lucky.

        • gsty

          Left his feet after the hit – it’s called momentum – physics – you’re an idiot.

      • Tom Fox

        Bobby Orr AKA Puckerhead- You have way, way, way too much time on your hands. Get them out of your pants and get a life; albeit hard for a born loser to do.

        • Hey Tom Fox all of your comments on Bobby Orr is all crap of your bird brain’s creation…. Talking about a born loser….

          • Koko77

            Hey Bramball, is it true that you were born with an extra chromasome? Cuz that’s what I heard. Luckily in this modern era there are all sorts of programs to help Down Syndrome people like yourself succeed in life.

        • Hey Koko, I am a senior mechanical engineer, own three houses and all paid for..What about those chromasome? Do you mean chromosome, loser? Oh by the way i heard you were a sexually abused child.lol

          • Matty O

            Bramball where did you get your engineering degree. Matchbook
            College. P.S. nobody gives a crap about that or your three houses.

      • In Boston but Not a Bs fan

        Actually Horton is listed at 6’2″ and Aaron Rome is listed at 6’1″, making Horton taller.

        TSN measured the time after Horton dished and time to the hit: less than 1 second. However, that’s still a late hit (> 0.5 seconds).

  • Phil

    Clearly a dangerous and dirty hit. Rome clearly lifted to hit Horton’s head; if you can’t see that, you’re blind. Shoulder checks and hard checks are great, but not when they’re blindside and at head level. Rome had plenty of time to decide NOT to go high on Horton. This is not a hockey play, it’s a cheap shot. Alain Vigneault should be ashamed of his player. Unacceptable.

    I’m not even a Boston fan. Bad, Rome. Bad.

  • Phil

    Notice also that Rome plants his feet before jumping up into Horton. If you think this is a clean hit, you need to re-learn the rules of Hockey.

  • DJ

    I have some additional comments for “Bobby”. First, I am not from or in MA or BC so I am trying to view this incident objectively. I am from MN and we know hockey, even though the Wild suck lol. I have skated most of my life – with and against NHLers, Olympians, National Team members, Division 1 players, etc. How about you? Any “game experience” beyond XBox or Playstation? The fact is, this hit was not “clean” and Rome could have certainly pulled up and avoided Horton. Actually, the NHL is considering expanding Rule 48 to include blindside hits. And this hit was way more than a “fraction of a second late”, perhaps it is you that needs to review the video. But I do agree that the comments and concern that Rome may have left his feet are silly. But so are your comments that the penalty call was made in order to conform to political correctness. Really? Websters defines political correctness as follows:

    : conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated

    Aren’t Horton and Rome both dudes and also Caucasian?

    Now if Rome wants to pay back the Bs for chippy play, why doesn’t he try to pull this sh*t against Chara or Lucic. Is he afraid that he is going to get the short end of the stick in the deal? Or is he just afraid he is going to get his ass kicked?

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of the Finals. But try to not get so worked up. I don’t want anybody to have a heart attack or sh*t their pants over a hockey game.

    • the rules are against head hits- it was “after the pass”- the canucks are getting to be the most hated team in the nhl- watch some of the hits against the blackhawks includung raffi torres hit on seabrook, no intention to play the puck- torres should have gotten booted again- wait to see if someone lays out one of the sedin twins with a dirty hit – then see what the punks from canada say

      • DJ

        Totally agree.

      • pklNHL

        If the Canucks “are getting to be the most hated team in the nhl”(your words),-Well,that will mean that the 2 most hated team in the league are in finale.

        Boston are being the most hated team in the NHL for a loooonnnnngggggggg time.
        Boston fans have a short memory,lol

        • DJ

          True. And just about everybody hates Philly too lol.

          • Yes i hate Philly this year…. Love them last year!!!

        • pklNHL, you got that right!!!

    • Bobby Orr

      Well, to be honest yes, I’ve played a lot of hockey, if that matters. Semi-pro in Canada, which at the time was about equivalent to the level of Team USA. Played hockey, DJ. Didn’t just skate with people. Did you hold their hands, too?
      So, if we can leave the personal stuff aside, as I have done (didn’t call anyone an idiot, don’t really see the need), let’s get back to hockey. And it is, as others have said, “just hockey”.
      I never said the hit was legal, as in against the rules. It was, and deserved a penalty. It was a late hit, and by the rules it was interference. Very heavy interference, but interference nonetheless. A 2 minute penalty. 5 minutes seemed excessive, but it was in Boston and I could understand that the ref wanted to appease the home crowd. Nothing new in hockey. To throw Rome out of the game, after Horton had been taken off in a stretcher, and after Rome was already sitting in the penalty box, seems a bit of a knee-jerk reaction, perhaps even a little “politically correct”, as if trying to preempt the potential criticism that the NHL might get from the media the day after, of the type that hockey’s a sport for barbarians, played and run by barbarians. Nothing new in hockey. Hockey as viewed by many American sports writers. And America is where the big money is, and where the big money is is where the politics are. So yes, political correctness is what I meant. As in trying to act in a way that, a priori, you think will be considered “correct” by those who have political sway. A sort of preemptive non-offensiveness.
      But I digress.
      As to DJ’s comments and questions above, I don’t what to say. I have no idea what Rome wants to do with the rest of the Bruins. Does it matter?
      Why get worked up and try to fantasize about Rome’s ass, DJ? It is, as others have said, just hockey.
      The facts, as I see them, anyway. Rome hit Horton late, maybe a second late. It was a shoulder check, no stick or elbow or head butt was involved. I think it was a hard, rough, but technically correct hit. Rome actually slowed down before making the hit. And planted himself. Otherwise the impact could have been even harder. I don’t think Rome tried to injure Horton, though naturally that’s only my opinion. Maybe DJ can contact Rome telepathically and ask him, while he’s fantasizing about Rome’s ass. I don’t know if the shoulder Rome put into Horton is what caused the most injury, but I think it more likely that it was the impact of Horton’s head hitting the ice. It was a really hard hit, but there are lots of hits like that every week in the NHL. This one was unfortunate in a number of ways, maybe the unluckiest being the height difference between the two players. Rome’s shoulder was at Horton’s head level. Try to get into Rome’s head and learn if he calculated all of this and tried to hurt Horton. Or not. If he’d really wanted to hurt Horton, intentionally, he might have put his elbow up, or lead with his helmet, or had his stick up. But he used his frigging shoulder, for crying out loud. He lined Horton up, slowed, planted his feet, was almost STOPPED, aimed his shoulder, did not jump (which actually would’ve softened the hit), and it was Horton’s speed that created a good part of the impact of the hit.
      That’s about it. We know, or can make reasonable conclusions about, the events. Late hit? Yes. Textbook technique shoulder check? In my opinion, yes. Dirty hit? No, not in the sense of using stick, elbow, head butt, etc. Penalty? Yes. Interference. 5-minute major? Maybe, given all the external factors. Match penalty? I don’t think so. Worthy of suspension? Don’t think so. Capable of creating lots of debate and discussion on the Internet between people who don’t have much to do? Obviously. Exposes numb-nutted hypocrisy of casual sports fans, in particular a certain breed of American hockey spectator? Yes. That is, many of the same people who grew up playing and watching and fantasizing about American football, and now do only the latter two, the most violent sport in the world, where every game ends with a couple of routine concussions, and the physical results of playing maybe 20 minutes of a 60-minute game are the equivalent of being in a serious car crash? Yes. The same people who would never post to a forum about the physical results of those games, because no one would ever open such a forum? Yes. Because that’s just the way it is in American football, a really rough contact sport? Ouch. Yes.
      Anyway, no heart attacks here, DJ. I plan to enjoy the rest of the finals. Long, long-time fan of both teams, so it’s pretty exciting.

  • Ronbo

    Have thought about becoming a hockey fan for years but when I see stuff like this hit I just change the channel to speed and watch a real sport…. racing…

    • Capsfan

      Ronbo, you make me laugh!!! LMAO, I love it when after the race drivers chase each other around pit row. LOL OR how about when they take their helmet off and throw it at the other drivers car or at the other driver…LMAO, what a hoot you guys are SPORT.. hmmm lame dude reaaaally I’ll take ICE HOCKEY over ya racing boysssssss.. yeeeeehaaaa LMAO ooohh best part is watching a drive leave pit row before the tire is on the car….

    • You’re right Ronbo, that’s the reason i don’t watch the Bruins much. It’s sickening!!

  • pklNHL

    It was a clean hit,but mosdef an obstruction….theres no doubt abt it.
    If his intention was to hurt (Horton),then he should face suspension!
    But the hit was clean.Its all happening in a matter of 0,09 sec(approx).

    Lets hope Horton is all right.

  • Deb

    Planted his feet, really? Did you look at the same video that I did? His left foot is turned toward Horton, his right is pushing toward Horton. If you want to avoid the player then you should pivote AWAY.

    Skates are a wonderful thing, they go where you propel them.

    Look at Daniel Sedin, to the right of Rome. He changed direction and was skating just as hard as Rome was. Horton did not have the puck, it was a late hit. As for not having his elbow up, how do you explain that it ended up in Horton’s FACE before he hit the ice??? He did jump up and INTO Horton, not up to soften the blow.
    Dirty hit.

    • pklNHL

      You made some good points,but you are sooooo biased that you’ve got no credibility whatsoever!

      And,IMO,you have a super HD,3D plasma TV…cuz you saw things that nobody else saw!

      Your words;”…His left foot is turned toward Horton, his right is pushing toward…”
      Thats a figure skating description or analysis!!!I’m not saying its bad,but its not what happened.But it was mosdef a late hit;2min for obstruction.Good luck to Horton.

  • Richard F

    When will people learn? What they (the league) needs to start doing is give the same sentence to Rome that Horton is faced with…OUT FOR the SERIES! And if he’s unable to play next year, Rome should sit out too. What do they need to do Kill someone before the penalty fits the crime?

    • Peter

      Duh, a four game suspension IS the rest of the series. Last I checked, this was game 3 in a seven game series, so there are four games left and Rome can’t play in any of them with this 4 gamer. I see basic math is a little tough for you…there is help for that, BTW.

    • Ask Chara that question.. It was just a dive like Max P. Right Bruins fan?? We’ll pray for him.

    • I think they should give the same sentence to Rome that they gived to Chara for almost decapitate Max. P. Stop crying, or call 911….lol

  • Bobbyisright

    Orr is correct and the league did succumb to PC pressure. It was brutal, but legal. Horton only took one stride after the pass, a measure of the speed these guys play at. I would agree that there is an argument for ‘respect’ being a factor here. This kind of hit, although legal, should be policed by the players themselves. But that would require the elimination of the instigator rule and all you pussies are aghast at fighting, too. Interesting article quoting a few Bruins players that speaks to this kind of hit: http://www.nesn.com/2009/10/with-recent-spate-of-dirty-hits-bruins-urge-caution-respect.html . Please ignore the irony of Chara’s comments in light of his hit on Max Pacioretty. Orr’s comments are well thought out and correct, unlike most of the other comments here. I hope Horton is okay, but this is a tough, physical game. Leaving your feet and using your elbow are illegal. That’s not the case here. If respect has been replaced by the need to win and associated paycheque, then address that issue. Good luck with that considering Bettman and all you tree huggers’ desire to show this fine game on the Disney Channel.

    • Capsfan

      HMMMM me thinks you’re needing to learn to count more , there are numbers actually after the number 1. In the short video here you can clearly see it is actually 2 1/2 steps bere he gets plowed. Enough time for him to pull up some. No saying the B’s are not guilty of some questionl hits as well, but we are talking of this one hit. He chose to follow through with as much force as he could supply to make the hit as hard as possible. It is that simple, no excuses.

  • richard stevenson

    why is it that people like “bobby orr” exist on print? because their mommies didn’t give them enough attention as a child. your reasoning exists purely to tork off people who simply know better. this film will be reviewed at years end and be sure that it spells the end of the blindside hit in professional hockey, at least, if you still want to play in it. its histerical that on every sports URL, there’s always one “bobby orr” on any subject that has a flip side to it. . great job

    • Bobby Orr

      Sorry Dick, you lost me after “on print”.
      And while the film may indeed spell the end of the blindside hit, as you boldly predict, let’s hope it might also help all of us spell hysterical. gReaT joBb to you too.

  • You people in Mass. deserved Ted Kennedy.


    The hit was east to west …and should never had happened. This game is rough , and we all have to expect this from time to time , it is unfortunate that such a good player once again has been taken out………Hopefully the players will keep it together , and respect this great game ……I am looking forward to the rest of the games , and I know this is not over . The emotions will fly no doubt……ANYONE WHO PLAYS THE GAME KNOWS THIS WAS A BAD PLAY…… PERIOD !


  • Sean Dell

    This was a perfectly fair hit. It was late, and Rome was penalized. End of story. The suspension is completely unwarranted.

    Men’s hockey is about checking, hitting and being hit. This is the Stanley Cup, not a ladies game of shinny.

    You expect the players to be committed, 100%, within the rules. The game is fast, and there is often a situation where, being full committed to a play, events conspire quickly against the players involved in a particular play. That is what happened here.

    If the NHL wanted to have no-check hockey, it would adopt women’s hockey rules. But the players don’t want it, the NHL certainly needs hard hits to attract fans, and the fans don’t want no-check hockey. So while everyone can sympathize with the guy lying on the ice, his situation is simply part of a game, and he understood that very well when he pulled on his skates.

    • DJ

      Sean, it is beyond me why people keep saying it was a “perfectly” fair hit. It clearly was not. A late hit is not a perfect hit. And hitting a player without the puck is not a perfect hit. Rome may have been 100% committed, but he wasn’t within the rules. That is why penalties were handed out in this incident. But I do agree that you can argue that the penalties were too harsh. And I do agree that due to the speed of the game it may be difficult for a player to change course once he is fully committed. But I have reviewed video of this incident over and over again. It seems to me that Rome could have pulled up in this situation and still have Horton fully covered as he entered the zone.

      • DJ, do you know that Max. Pacioretty didn’t have the puck when he got hit (driven into the stanchion) by Chara? According to you Bruins fan that was a perfect hit.So tell us, was those two hits, good hits or not?

  • Peter

    Perhaps you can start putting dresses on hockey players now. Hits like these are commonplace at the NHL level, for fans come to see these types of checks. To say that this was a dirty hit is way overboard. Horton’s condition was also spurred on by the fact that his head hits the ice and bounces back up some, so he probably got knocked out by the impact of the ice to his head. Coaches have always taught players from pee wee hockey to keep your head up at all times, because someone is generally gunning for you, especially in the offensive zone. Players going to the net will not be allowed a free pass towards the net, especially in the Stanley Cup Finals. No suspension should be given, for it will turn tough, rugged hockey players (most without teeth, BTW) into a bunch of sissies and I don’t believe players want to be identified as sissies ever.

    • DJ

      Pete, rules are in place to protect the integrity of the game and the safety of the players. Of course hockey is a contact sport, but contact has to follow the rules set forth. That is why penalties were given out due to this incident. The problem I have with the NHL is that they do not enforce the rules enough. Nobody should be “gunning” for a player that does not have the puck at any level but especially in the NHL – the players are too big and too fast to let that go on. If a rule is bad, modify it or get rid of it. Otherwise call them. The players need to adapt to the rules, not the other way around. Following the rule book hardly makes anyone a “sissy” – it’s still a tough game. As far as the players wearing dresses goes, perhaps it would be best to keep your fantasies to yourself.

  • PHIL

    @Bobby Orr, Bobbyisright, Tommy, jon snidle- You’re idiots plain and simple and anyone else that thinks Rome’s hit was a clean legal hit you need to get your head examined. Watch the replay not only was Horton NOT in possession of the puck, there was plenty of time for Rome to change direction. Watch the replay and you’ll notice that Rome never once looked at the puck and was zeroed in on Horton. Then he planted, got low and no doubt jumped to deliver the hit to Horton’s head. Rome deserves the 4 game suspension and some more. I have no problem with CLEAN hits and fighting in hockey but this is ridiculous.

    • That was a great hit!!!!It’s about time the Bruins gets knock on theirs asses. I’ve been watching the Bruins doing this for years… I only watch the 1st period and that was the best period i ever watched in my life time.

  • clearly a cheap shot ;;period;;; if tha was bobby orr ;;;mckenzie n sanderson would of had his head in less time than the whole hit took place …he s out 4 the season and the 1st 10 games of nex year ….. if tha was my player tha got hit;;; tha player wouldn t have leggs to skate on ANYMORE;;;

  • Murrstermx

    That has to be one of the dirtiest hits ive ever seen . Rome is lucky he didnt brake Hortons neck . There is absolutly no class in hockey anymore. He should be suspended 25 games next year. Period.

    • That was the greatest hit i saw in the long time. Us Bruins fans we love those kind of hit…I dare yardbarker. com to show Chara’s hit on Max Pacioretty in close range like the one above… Now that was a dirty hit. Max almost got decapitate with that one.. Good thing to show young kids….. For young girls out there do you think professional hockey would be something for you??

      • Koko77

        Don’t be hatin’ cuz the Bruins are tougher than whatever team u root for. Face it: you wish your team was as tough as the Boston Bruins. They may have knocked out Horton with that cheap shot, but Seguin is waiting in the wings and now the Black and Gold are angry. The reason the B’s are at this level with such a crappy powerplay is because of their toughness. Their toughness allows them to play winning hockey without relying on faking and pretending and diving in front of refs to get powerplays they don’t deserve. This is why the Bruins are an honorable team to be respected and admired while fakers like those in Montreal and Vancouver (who can’t win games without having an extra skater on the ice and who rely on decieving referees for powerplays in order to score their goals) are despicable teams to be despised and hated for the mockery they make of the great sport of hockey. The Bruins play real hockey the way it was meant to be played but teams like Vancouver and especially Montreal have a twisted and detestable style of play in which they spend the majority of 5 on 5 play trying to get the other team short-handed. Penalties will happen in any sport to any team but otherwise, the reffing should be a non-factor. The Bruins understand this so they focus on being a good 5 on 5 team. Vancouver and those fairies in Montreal, however, rather than just play thier game and let the refs do their thing, focus on their acting skills at drawing calls as if they were NBA teams instead of NHL teams.

        • The problem with you Koko is you don’t realize that the Bruins are the most diving team of the whole NHL ,for years at that. Chara is a diver ,the girl Lucie is a diver, and many more.. Open your eyes and watch the game, you’ll see what i mean..

    • So does Chara.. Why didn’t we see close video clips of Chara hit on Max P. like we see above?? I’ll tell you why…. That will be the dirtiest hit that you’ve ever seen.And that hit broke his neck.. The only video of that hit shown here in Mass was 100 feet away.. Why??? Some one prove me wrong PLEASE….Show us a close video of Chara hit on Max P.

  • Dar

    This is hockey. It happens all the time. The game is so fast, I doubt that this was premeditated. All hockey players know the risks. I think the ice hit his head harder than Rome.

  • Capsfan

    After reviewing the youtube replay they cover a few angles the last one shows he skates about 3-4 sec after pass red line to blue line then gets hit. That hit was not needed as you can plainly see Rome’s play was over not needing contact…. HE MADE THE CHOICE to make a hit that was beyond needed in the play of action at that point

    • DJ

      Right on – that’s what I keep saying.

    • After reviewing the replay i timed it at less than a second..Capsfan go back to reviewing. You must be watching the slow motion action.Or may be you’re the one that’s slow…

  • It still dont top Claude Lemuix,s hit on Draper. That was all in all a cheap shot that was deliberate and intenional.. time off for bad behavior and two hail marys one our father and lets play hockey!!!

  • Ray B

    boobby orr,
    if you were to know what you are talking about, you would know by reading their bios that nathan horton stands 6’2 while aaron rome stands 6’1. if that is the case rome would need to come off the ice to hit horton in the head which his shoulder clearly does. his shoulder does not hit any other part of horton body just his head. rome clearly bends his knees before contact to propel himself upward into horton. the video also clearly shows horton giving up the puck at the red line and horton is hit by rome at the blueline. if rome wasn’t launching himself at horton but planting his feet as you state he would be knock backwards, instead as you can clearly see rome is never knock backwards he goes through horton. i do not claim to be in rome’s head knowing what he is thinking, but the video clearly shows a guy attempting to launch himself into another player head, attempting to injure.

    • Who plays hockey standing straight up??? it all depends how low you bend..I guess you don’t know what you’re talking about…What don’t you watch Lucie or Norton or the mental case Merchand for disgusting hockey? All those guys hits is attempt to injured..Does good parents bring their kids to a Bruins game to witness this violence??? You should be at least 18 years old to enter the TD garden when the XXX Bruins are playing.. Disgusting!!!

      • Ray B

        bramballs, my post was pointed towards bobby orr who stated that rome is much taller than horton, and as for your comments, all i will say is watch the video and think about it, if rome planted his feet while horton was still moving forward the law of gravity would cause them people to move in the direction of the one with the forward momentum.

  • Flyersfan

    while it was late. both players are at fault. hortons head was down and rome was late

  • devosays

    It’s hockey, anyone who can’t handle it go back to your soccer matches…

  • Howzaboutdat

    Well I must say, I read every comment posted here tonight; so I’ll throw my two cents away:

    1st: I was entertained for a while. I never saw so many people get so stoked over a game.
    2nd: Guys (ladies), nobody really cares about your opinion, they only care about their own.
    3rd: I must admit, it probably does feel good to call somebody an azzhole or idiot in print.
    4th: With all the crappe that has been flung back & forth, I’m glad nobody did a ‘Dodger Fan Special’ on anyone after the game let out at the Boston ice arena.
    5th: This has the potential of being a sad commentary about where sports is really headed.

    Oh well… carry on…

  • Aaron Rome

    Keep your head up Horton… Hockey Rule #1. If you want to see a dirty hit- check out Chara’s hit on Pacioretty….FYI he did not recieve a suspension for that visciousness.

    Van will take the cup because they are a far better team. Bruins took 1 game no biggie. BTW pretty sure Horton isn’t hearing a hoo… pretty sure all that poor guy is hearing are bells.

    Hope he gets healthy but it is his own doing. HEAD UP.

    • DJ

      Horton’s head was up, but he wasn’t looking in the direction of the hit. Better check out that video again “Aaron”. And unlike a lot of the posters here, I am not “for” or “against” either of these teams. Frankly, their both dirty. But I am not going to get in a tit-for-tat or an argument over what one player did to another over the course of a series. Unfortunately, I have not been able to watch all these games due to other commitments so I have not been a witness to all the chippyness and cheapshots that may have gone on during the Playoffs and Finals. Therefore, the comments I have posted here really only concern this specific incident. And facts are facts. And the fact in this case is that Rome’s hit on Horton should never have happened. It doesn’t matter if Horton had his head up or up his own ass – Horton did not have the puck. Hence the interference call. And the hit was late. Hence the misconduct call. I just have to question Rome’s motives on this play – he was certainly in position to cover Horton as he entered the zone. And I am not sure if the Canuck fans are pissed that the penalties given to Rome may have been excessive or if they are pissed that “their” team got smoked lol. Anyway, any late hit can be potentially dangerous and therefore has to be taken seriously by both on-ice and off-ice NHL officials.

      • Bobby Orr

        Fair enough. Good observations. Focus only on the hit and the events thereafter, including Horton’s injury, the penalty, the ejection, the suspension. Nothing about any bad feeling or thoughts of payback or past wrongs done.
        Everybody here, and lots of people elsewhere, have studied and commented on the hit. No one has said it wasn’t late. Looking at the video at real game speed, not slowed down like it is above, it’s hard to say that there was “a lot” of time between Horton’s pass off and Rome’s hit. There may have been time for Rome to recalibrate his hit, or swerve partially out of the way (he still would’ve run into Horton), or stop (and there still would’ve probably been contact).
        I don’t know if Rome had Horton lined up and shut out what was happening over on the wing with the puck. He might not have seen that Horton’s linemate had received the pass about 1 second before Rome hit Horton.
        So yes, of course Rome’s hit was late. And deserved a penalty. For interference.
        Should that have been it? I personally don’t think Rome tried to injure Horton. If that had been his intention he probably would’ve gone into Horton with his elbow and/or his head and/or his stick. But he went in only with his shoulder. He also slowed down just before contact, which, as per the laws of physics, reduced the force of the impact. Don’t know if that was intentional on Rome’s part, but in any case it happened.
        Rome hit Horton with his shoulder. He hit him in the head with his shoulder. The difference in their heights AT THE TIME OF THE IMPACT was such that Rome’s shoulder was at Horton’s head level. A very hard hit, and Horton fell hard to the ice, hitting his head again.
        So the subjective questions are: Did Rome intentionally try to injure Horton? Did Horton’s injury result more from contact with Rome’s shoulder, or with the ice? (This goes to the question of Rome’s intent.) And so, if Rome wasn’t trying to injure Horton intentionally, was Horton’s subsequent injury more a freak accident and bad luck? Given that there are lots of hits with this force of impact every week in the NHL, without resulting in serious injury.
        As to the uproar and suspension after the game. Seriously and objectively ask yourselves this hypothetical: if Horton had been carrying the puck with his head down, or looking off to the wing to make a pass, at the time of Rome’s hit, and assume that Rome’s hit was exactly the same (shoulder first, not dirty), and the results were the same (Horton injured), what consequences should there be for Rome? Would he have even received a penalty? Or would people be gathered around the water cooler and coffee machine the next morning, chuckling over “The Hit”, and laughing and trying to rank it amongst the “All-time Greatest Hits”? Or, what if Horton had just dumped the puck into the corner for his teammate streaking down the wing: Horton would still technically be the puck carrier at the time of Rome’s hit. And if the results were the same, what should have happened to Rome? 2-minute penalty? 5-minute penalty? Suspension?

        Or, on a different tack, what if things had gone exactly as they did (late hit by Rome), but Horton had avoided banging his head hard on the ice and, after a couple seconds on the ice, catching his breath and shaking the cobwebs out, he then jumped up and went out on the powerplay resulting from Rome’s 2- or 5-minute penalty? Should a suspension depend on how badly a guy gets injured? INDEPENDENTLY of the other guy’s intent, and independently of HOW the other guy applied the hit? i.e., if he came in only with his shoulder, or if he came in with his elbow/stick/helmet?
        So in theory a guy could, like Rome, apply a very hard hit, with his shoulder, out in the middle of the ice and, if the other guy hits his head on the ice, like Horton, and gets injured maybe more from hitting the ice than from being hit by Rome’s shoulder, then Rome should get a long suspension anyway?
        What if a guy came in from behind and drilled a guy into the boards, probably the most dangerous thing you can do on the ice? And maybe you knew the guy had it in for the other guy, too, maybe because of some long-standing grudge? Blindside hit, cheap shot, maybe used his stick too, with risk of very serious injury. But the guy who was hit, purely by luck or whatever, gets up without a scratch? What would you give the guy who hit him?

    • Aaron, the problem here in Mass. is they show the Chara hit on Pacioretty at 100 feet away. At that distance you can’t see what really happen. . there are no close video of that hit shown here. You and i knows why….This is the reason the Bruins fans here think it was a good check, they never saw what you and i and,the Canadian fans saw. It was a criminal act…thus the reason for the fans to called 911 after the NHL did nothing.

      • Bobby Orr

        So the latest update from the league, from exec Mike Murphy, is that he based his decision for the suspension on the fact that Rome’s hit was a late hit that Murphy reviewed several times on video and timed it and concluded that he estimated it as “almost a second late” and also said that he “had it close to a second late”. ALMOST and CLOSE TO A SECOND. Not “a few seconds”, as some here have said.

        Other salient points from Murphy:

        He did not consider it a blindside hit.
        He considered it a “north/south hit”, i.e, straight up, no blindside, out in the middle of the ice.
        He review it multiple times and found that: it was “a late hit” (i.e., about half a second late), that the “body was contacted, but I also thought the head was hit”. So, mainly the body, and he “thought” the head was hit.
        ALSO, no mention of dangerous, dirty play using the elbow, stick, head butt or similar.

        With regard to Rule 48, which was mentioned in the forum here, Murphy says that the hit “has nothing to do with Rule 48. This is just an interference penalty, an interference hit. If it was immediate after he released the puck, it would be a legal hit. We have them all the time.”

        In other words, if Rome’s hit had been about a half-second earlier (i.e., his actual hit was “close to a second late”, so a hit closer to the time immediately after Horton released the puck would’ve been about a half-second), it would have been “a legal hit”. THIS is something I’ve been saying since my first post here above. Also of note, that Murphy says “we have these kinds of hits all the time”. Another thing I’ve said above.

        Please note that I’m quoting Murphy because he’s the man who handed out the suspension. He’s saying more or less what I’ve been saying.

        Murphy then goes on to his reasoning for the suspension, which he based on the “lateness of the hit” (a half-second or so), “combined with the injury”.
        So, if the hit was barely late, then most of the reasoning for the suspension is due to Horton’s injury.
        In other words, if the hit, a north/south open-ice shoulder check, had been a half-second earlier and/or if Horton had not been injured (perhaps due to his head hitting the ice), then Rome probably would’ve received a 2-minute interference penalty.

        Murphy then goes on to say that the suspension is also based on the fact that discipline is “more severe” in the playoffs.
        A debatable point, really.
        And a point that is leading some people to conclude that part of the uproar, and the suspension, is due to the fact that Horton is more valuable to the Bruins that Rome is to the Canucks, hence the punishment has to be more severe.

        Slippery ground. Using this logic, if a superstar puts a scrub into the hospital with a crosscheck or an elbow to the head, or a blindside hit into the boards, should his punishment be reduced? Should he go unpunished if it’s early in the season? Or maybe he should also go unpunished if it’s in the 7th game of the Finals, seeing as he’s much more valuable to his team than the scrub to his team? And if he himself knows that he’s much more valuable to his team, then it’s highly unlikely he’d risk suspension by cheap-shotting the scrub, so it’s highly unlikely it was indeed a cheap shot, and to be honest, maybe the scrub just took a dive, trying to trick the ref into penalizing the superstar, so maybe like in soccer the ref should actually penalize the scrub for “simulation”, and maybe the scrub should be suspended for trying to bring the game into disrepute.

  • jim

    take hitting out of all games

    • Bobby Orr

      Except Battleship, golf and croquet.

      • Bobby Orr i like you, i just hate your name….

  • AJ

    Its so easy to pick out a whiny Habs fan out of a lineup

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    try hatin on the B’s after tonights game- i dare you. did anyone notice the hucks combined score from the past two games: 1. bruins on the other hand, well they only scored 12. not a big deal…

    PS bite my finger! so tempting, i know.

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    I guess it’s true, payback’s a bitch lol.

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    I like aggressive physical Hockey but that was flat wrong I don’t think the penalty was stiff enough, I think it should have 8 to 10 games suspension plus a big fine