Max Lapierre executed one of the best taunts in sports history during Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Saturday night in Vancouver.  Fresh off of what looked like a no-brainer biting incident in Game One, Max Lapierre decided to taunt Patrice Bergeron into biting his finger.  Great stuff.


via Mocksession

  • Crit Crone

    How is that “one of the best taunts ever? If Bergeron had been the one to bite Burrows maybe. So Lapierre is mocking Bergeron for a cowardly act by one of his own teammates. That makes a ton of sense. I hope he gets hit by the T during his stay in Boston.

  • Brian

    Guess that having executed the “one of the best taunts in sports history” will have to hold over Lapierre through the long hot golf season. Maybe he should have worried a little more about putting the puck past Thomas and less about gloating about his dirty, cheating, punk, finger biting teammate’s actions.