This is pretty great, take a close look at Tyler Seguin who is on the right side of the Canucks bench and subtly squirts water out of his water bottle on Dan Hamuis after his big hip check on Milan Lucic. Keep it classy Boston.

via Mocksession

  • What a nice guy – but Burrows really could have used a drink, to wash down Bergeron’s finger…

    • I agree… that must have been refreshing….. Thanks Tyler…

  • Jeff

    That’s the Boston bench with a Bruin squirting water on a Canuck…. Keep it classy Boston???

    • john

      Hey Jeffy I bet you like finger sandwiches!

      • The worst part of this finger in the mouth is (Bergeron) did it after he took that same finger out of his nose first…That would piss me off.

    • Keep it classy Boston….The Bruins never had class.. How can they keep it classy???

  • thediplomat

    Great point Jeff, absolutely my mistake. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Danny J

    I’m sure the only thing the B’s are washing down right now is that awful taste in their mouths after coughing up the game with 15 seconds left. Putrid stuff.

  • Tom

    I think Seguin thought Hamhuis was actually Burrows and tried to give him something to wash down Bergeron’s finger with.