If you haven’t heard of Bob Lefsetz, do not fret, you are not missing much. Bob is a cranky, small, old man who writes a blog called “The Lefsetz Letter” which I’d say about 70% of people in the music industry subscribe to. When Bob isn’t talking about about his trips to Aspen (which no one cares about) he routinely has some very solid insight into the music industry. He is a well read, well networked, and opinionated little man. My one real beef with Bob is his constant negative outlook on the music industry (and I believe life in general). He constantly harps on anything and everything hoping to get a rise out of someone, and he usually does. This morning he got a rise out of Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter. The e-mail thread gave me a good laugh this morning and I felt the need to share. Troy dropping the Sir Charles reference was brilliant, I have 200 dollars that says Bob has no clue who Chuck is. Below is the thread for your reading pleasure (trust me, it is worth the read if you stick with it until the end with Gaga’s manager’s response):

Here is Bob’s initial rant:

And Here is Lady Gaga’s manager response which is GOLD: