In the presser after getting eliminated 4-1 by the Mavs, Kevin Durant was absolutely honest when asked if he was happy for Dirk for reaching the finals again for the first time since 2006.

Durant: “I’m not happy at all…” Good answer.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”510″][/youtube]

  • PHil


  • Norman Dale

    IS he wearing a backpack?

    • jeff

      YES he is, he is waiting for his mother to pick him up.

  • Sportster71

    Who would ask such a stupid question after an elimination game?
    I’d revoke his/her media credentials.

    • PapitoSabe

      I completely agree, but then again, these dumbass reporters are everywhere…ex. Hannah Storm, Dana Jacobson, and just about every woman sports reporter in my honest opinion. They’re just horrible at sports reporting. sorry gals..

  • Sully

    WWJD? Jesus wouldn’t have lost. LOL

  • My comment on Kevin Durant’s response about not being happy for DN (NBA player) is this; First of all Kevin wasn’t himself while responding to the question. Secondly, he is a good player and hates losing out on games like that. Though DN. was a better player in NBA semi-finals. Otherwise Kevin’s response showed that he wasn’t going to give DN credit for the work done, but that’s basketball and always their’s going to be winners and losers. So Kevin an advice for you is that let this be your stepping stone for the next NBA finals 2011-2012. Good luck to Kevin and the crew. Thank you.