I’m not sure how to explain this, but it seems highly inappropriate for those younger audiences. I’m not complaining. #justsayin’

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  • Mastabruce

    If you thing that then your a moron. It’s not about sexuality, its culture, dance, she just so happens to have a big booty.

  • Andy

    Bruce — really? Shaking your ass = Culture? Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    Yogurt has more culture.

    • Carlos

      Read what he said its a dance in a culture that maybe you are not use too i dont really see this a in apprpiate if she where to lift up her skirt all they way up and shake her ass up and down then yeah im not picing a fight im just saying i agree wit bruce

  • Jae

    Yes, I was kind of shocked. All season she’s sitting there very prim and proper making statements like “I’m a married woman.” and acting shy when the contestants sang to her or tried to kiss her.
    When she started the ass shaking you know every man’s thought was is she going to show it to me ’cause it looked like she was naked under her little wispy costume. And her husband is just standing there singing away.

    My take is she was competing with Beyonce — who also has a famous ass.

  • Here is a nice video of here shaking it


  • I’m impressed that she can shake her ass that long.
    (Must have taken years of practice. 😉 )

  • Pete

    First this is “American” Idol, I don’t want to watch songs in Spanish. If I did I would move to Mexico with the rest of the ones that did not make enough money picking tomatoes to get in to the United States. And if I wanted to watch a women shake a big booty, I would still be married.

    • fuckiinng racist ass malafucker you dont know nothing about us latinos ur some shit u idiot next time u wanna say something go study first and for your information alot of people like girls with big ases and hate fucking geys like u bastard

  • Cynthia

    Ok Jlo……. yes we get it, you have a big ass (well had a big ass, face it still not the same after the kids), and yes we get it your married to Marc Anthony. Why must these two always make everything about them. If the show featured just Marc singing (since it is a SINGING competition) i would understand and it would have been kinda nice……, but what was the point of JLo dancing on the stage, clearing trying to upstage not just her husband but the whole show. Way to try to steal the attention. Sorry to burst your bubble J, but the whole “big ass” gimmick has long been handed over to the Kim Ks and Nicki Minajs of the world now, get over it already and age with some kinda class Jlo.

    I have a sore spot for jlo cuz I used to love her, trust me, always a huge fan of hers. But lately not so much, shes all about making money, forgetting her roots and then only trying to pretend to be a true puerto rican (ya know trying to speak spanish and dance salsa and merengue) just cuz she married Marc Anthony. She annoys the shit out of me and does not represent us boriqua woman well….well besides the ass, we all have those 🙂

  • salsero

    She has never been a singer. Ugly screaming voice when she talks. Bad singer. …. She should have done her moves at the local dollhouse with a lap dance thrown in. Cheap salsa dance with bad moves. No class. Puerto Ricans are embarrased.

  • Lilly


  • lilly is right

  • Lexi J.

    Jennifer is an entertainer and that’s what she did. She entertained us. You don’t like it? Why are you on here watching it AGAIN?!? dumbasses. I love J.Lo and YES she’s about making money! What, you work for free??? LOL…didnt think so. She IS an inspiration to all of the latinas out there trynna make it. And btw, she can dance circles around beyonce. She’s nothing, NOTHING compared to Jennifer. And for the racist prick who said the “Mexico” comment…you are one ignorant fuck. That is all.