BSC 2011 - Week 20

Good morning, everyone!  Twenty weeks have now passed in the Big Skeezy Challenge.  Time sure flies, doesn’t it?  Last week Big Skeezy finally broke through the 300 pound barrier he’d been gunning for, but he landed just underneath at 299 pounds.  Would he be able to keep that pesky “3” off the scale again this week or would a few questionable decisions prove to be his undoing?  Let’s break it down:

Last week was amazing.  I could not have been happier to have crossed the 300 pound mark.  I know it’s still extraordinarily fat-assed but it’s a hell of a lot less fat-assed for me, all things considered.  I was feeling mighty fine going into Week Twenty and was ready to see if I could keep it up.  I know what one losing week feels like and I never want to have another one.  It truly sucks.

This week started as most do, with a morning gym session followed by my usual dietary intake (oatmeal, chicken, salad, water, water, water).  I did, however, start taking a supplement recommended to me by my legal counsel.  It’s called “Jack3D” and basically gives you a shot of energy that is supposed to help you dominate your workout.  I gotta tell you, the stuff works.  It also makes you feel a bit tingly, which was slightly off-putting.  In any case, I was able to increase the amount of weight work I did in the mornings because of this extra energy burst.  Pretty nifty stuff.

The week wore on as expected, without much incident.  Friday, however, hit and I was in a foul mood.  I have my reasons which I won’t go into here, but it really set me into a funk.  Truth be told, I had been in a bit of a mood for a few days and Friday was when it all came together and made the perfect storm.  I bustled through work as best I could and set off for a lovely evening with my friend “Katy” and some of the usual gang.  It was off to Hollywood Park to bet on the ponies and, for me, to imbibe a lot of alcohol.  I know it wasn’t wise or even a good way to deal with things but, dammit, it was my way that night and it needed to be done.

Needless to say, Friday night was a success.  I drank far too much and ate a damned corn dog when I got home, and I’m pretty sure a little burrito made its way into my gullet….possibly a couple of Kit Kats.  Sigh.  I awoke Saturday and hit the gym with the boys for a couple of hours.  We’ve started doing these epic Saturday workouts, involving a mess of cardio, a great deal of weights and some brutal ab work.  Well, brutal for me anyway.

After that I decided to take in the Silverlake Jubilee, a festival full of music and art and hipsters selling overpriced t-shirts made with old bedsheets (true story – $35 for a t-shirt).  Luckily for Kendrick and I, there was a beer garden.  Technically it was more of a small gated area with two vendors – one serving tequila and one serving beer.  Luckily, I knew guys working both booths so it was smooth (and free) sailing all night.  On a side note, the tequila is made by a good friend of mine’s family.  You can check it out here – Real de Mexico Tequila.  The stuff is really good, and I’m not just saying that.  The beer was from Deschutes, a brewery in Oregon.  It is also really damned good.  On top of that, they serve it out of a giant beer keg:

Deschutes Brewery

We stayed until the festival ended around 11PM, and then made our way to a bar to enjoy another beverage before calling it a night.

Sunday was pretty low-key.  I didn’t do much of anything but I did get a good bike ride in.  I also hit GNC and bought a new supplement as well as a protein powder on the advice of the clerk.  he said that if I’m not piling on some good protein after my workouts then I’m not going to maintain any good muscle I’m building.  So now it’s a morning protein shake (for lack of a better term) for breakfast instead of the oatmeal.  Monday was back to the usual fare – morning workout, eating right and hoping today wouldn’t be a total wash.

I awoke this morning, stepped onto the scale and discovered that I’d…

…lost three pounds!  That brings my weight down to 296 and puts my total weight loss at 75 pounds for the year.

I’m averaging 3.75 pounds a week, which isn’t too bad.  I’m really beginning to notice the gym work I’ve been putting in.  I’m seeing cuts forming in places there weren’t cuts before.  My latest set of interim clothes is starting to get big which means I’ll have to go shopping again soon.  This morning at the gym I was getting dressed for work and, while putting on my pants, discovered I’d gone down another notch on my new belt.  I even went out for drinks at a place I haven’t been in months and the owner came to the table and stood there, mouth agape, not believing what he was seeing.  It’s the little things like that which make it all worthwhile.

I’ve been asked a few times recently what my final goal is.  To be honest, I really don’t know.  It’s one of those things that I’ll know when I get there.  As for my next short-term goal, I’m gunning for the century mark.  Once I hit 271 I will have lost 100 pounds.  Twenty-five more to go.  Buckle in, kids.

See you next week!