Harold Camping (Man Who Predicted Rapture) Finally Speaks (With Egg Running Down His Face)

Harold Camping, an 89 year old kook, finally spoke about his failed prediction of the world ending on May 21st to a group of angry folks in Times Square. The video is pretty great and in summation a bunch of people are pissed not that he was wrong but that he swindled a large amount of money from equally as kooky folks who donated to this “cause.”

Camping spoke to some journalists in front of his house on a different occasion than the below video:

[T]here was Camping, “flabbergasted” in Alameda, wearing tan slacks, a tucked-in polo shirt and a light jacket. […]

“I’m looking for answers,” Camping said, adding that meant frequent prayer and consultations with friends.

“But now I have nothing else to say,” he said, closing the door to his home. “I’ll be back to work Monday and will say more then.”

via SF Gate