The NFL’s number one overall pick decided it was smart to show off his singing voice at Panini’s NFL rookie card shoot in Los Angeles this past week. The results are not the healthiest for one’s ears, however it does go hand in hand with Cam’s admission earlier this year to be an “entertainer and icon.”

via Fan Hoopey

  • esco

    he better not be an NFL bust or this video will come back to haunt him

  • Patric Carlson

    notice what colleges stadium hes in………FIGHT ON!

  • haha. I love Justin! He’s so funny!

  • AntiJustin

    All the girls love Justin but Im a girl and i dont LOOOOVE him. Hes a good singer though and has a lot of talent but I dont think hes HOT or what some of my friends say…BIEBERLICIOUS:O