James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder decided to ruin every good grace he built up in Game 2 by pulling a Vlade Divac after Tyson Chandler of the Dallas Mavericks swings an elbow during Game 3 of the Western Conference finals in the NBA playoffs. Harden should fear the beard after slapping it in the face like that.


  • Zane

    The refs helped him out right there… did you see Russel Westbrook say a few words to Harden and then look at the ref? FAKER!!!! I still like the final score! GO MAVS! 2-1 baby!

    • Wow I can’t believe everyone acts like this is the first “flop” they have ever seen. I am sure there isn’t a Maverick that has ever done this to gain an advantage. Grow up and move on!

  • steve OKC

    So what is the point here. So he did act a little bit (like all NBA players do on plays like this and many others). The intent of elbow swing by Tyson Chandler is the issue here. He could have severely injured James Hardin. This is a primary example of the poor journalism we see today. He should have been ejected for his actions. Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago we were seeing Andrew Bynum doing this to a Dallas player and he did make contact…..

    • Carl

      The point is that Harden is a punk just like Westbrook (who is not a point guard). OKC will lose because Westbrook is a scorer first and won’t pass the ball. As a Dallas fan, we want him to have the ball because he will dribble the shot clock down and then pass.

      Swinging elbow…. Really! I wish he had really caught Harden with the elbow! What a punk!

      • Joy

        Yeah, you sound like a Dallas fan. I’ve seen those Mavericks of yours cheat all the way through games and actually get away with it. How much do you guys pay those referees of yours to make those phoney baloney calls to benefit your team? At least Thunder doesn’t cheat. Go Thunder!!!

    • Carl

      Let’s see here… The NBA acknowledged that this was not a foul and rescinded the Technical Foul against Chandler……. Here’s some advice…. Get an HD TV and look at it. OKC is way overmatched and you’re begging…. Better luck next year!

      • Joy

        OKC is hardly over-matched and your just a punk. Get over yourself already!

    • rymc

      are you serious. you must be an idiot. t chandler was raising his arms so harden could get by if yo didnt notice the fact that harden was trying to run through chandler on the way back so there was no arm swing you dumb f.

  • esco

    hahahah – steve called thediplomat a “journalist”…

  • steve you are just a blind fanatic Bynum situation did not compare and He admited his wrong doing
    hard and intentional hits should be called and penalized but flops should be called againts the flopper and fined that takes away to the game I belive that the ref should be accountable also for calling it

  • Kris82

    in response to steve OKC
    are you kidding? The only chance of serious injury on that play was when he floped to the floor. I bet you also think fisher is actually fouled every time he falls to the floor in every game too? The only Tec foul that should have been called there was on Harden for over acting. Grow up, it’s play off time. Put on your big boy pants and play hard……. guess the whole team needs to learn to be a big boy (durant’s nice kiddy look during the post game only show’s what a bunch of kiddy’s the mav’s are gonna role over in this series)

    • Joy

      Hey boob tube, why don’t you put your thinking cap on and learn how to spell. It’s flopped, not floped. Floped=DUMBELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DrMark

    Harden needs to play soccer for UEFA. He could easily cause someone to get a yellow card. If this keeps up, the NBA becomes a joke for rewarding cheating.

    • Joy

      Yeah, you sound like someone who knows about cheating you cheater!!!

  • Sam Sum

    I don’t like obvious flops — however they are a part of the game. This piece and the comments made by the broadcasters on ESPN were shameless and here is the reason. OKC’s Westbrook had just been called with a technical foul for reacting to Dirk’s initial shove. Harden’s flop was more than likely an attempt to get a foul and shot back – a little gamesmanship – no different than Dirk’s shove. If you can get away with it and put the other team in the hole… wonderful.

    My issue was with the ESPN commentators & even this piece is by singling out this minor issue over against all of the other mess which has been going on during the playoffs – specifically this series and the Dallas LA series – makes me wonder who are the REAL prima donas?

  • thediplomat

    Steve, thanks for calling me a journalist! Beyond appreciated and you made my day. Good on ya!

    • chuckie

      Harden wasnt watching where he was going and ran right into chandler who simply stood his ground…then harden instinctively flopped to get a cheap call. As chandlers elbow came into minimul contact with with hardens temple are, harden completely overexaggerated the contact to make it look as though chandler actually threw an elbow at his head when he actually just stood his ground and the momentum of harden running into him brought his head into a brief and harmless contact with the elbow area of chandler. kind of despicable if u ask me, but we dont exactly know hardens thought process. was he just trying to pick up a cheap foul cuz hes dirty like that?? or was there something that preempted his decision ?? perhaps he had been elbowed by chandler in the past or something and was gettn back at him?? iono, but it was an obvious flop and totally cheesy if u ask me.

      • Joy

        Chuckie? Aren’t you that creepy puppet doll from that movie? Go Thunder!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marko

    It was a punk move by Harden. A flop is a flop. If you watch the vid there is no real elbow swing by Chandler, he was just trying to get the ball up and Harden was gooning him; had he really been swinging his elbows Harden wouldn’t have flopped. He would have been knocked-out. Re/ Westbrook, he was out-f-control – of his emotions, in this instance. He’s been playing out-of-control with regularity and his body-language is often arrogant & petulant. He’s a fantastic talent who often forgets that he’s playing on a team. OKC is a truly great team that hasn’t earned greatness yet. I’m afraid it’s going to be OKC vs. Miami for the next several years. Maybe not this year, but next year… But, hey, what about the workmanlike performances of Nick Collison? And, it’s a pleasure to see Marion defying age. A great series, so far. I’m a Celtics and ‘Wolves fan (yeah I know, it hurts…bad), but I think OKC is the face of the future of the West. But this year, Dallas seems focused and capable of beating anyone.

  • sitka fisherman

    the biggest flop is not harden’s it is the refs. they called it. they called game 2 against the heat and game 3 against the mavericks.

    • bosoxfan2687

      Are you kidding me? The refs were AGAINST DALLAS in game 3??? What game were you watching? It is absolutely ridiculous the number of fouls that were called on the Thunder that were not even fouls. Go watch the game again before you start flappin your gums

      • NightD


        You need to rewatch game 3 then if you even believe your crap you’re spewing…look at the foul advantage OKC had nimrod..you’re a regular sports genius.

        • Joy

          And your a dimwit. Do like the man says and go watch game 3 again. And while your at it make sure you watch it with some glasses on fool!

      • boom

        so bosoxfan2687 you’re right the refs were obviously against the Thunder in the fact that they had a 36-18 free throw attempts advantage and four of the 18 free throws Dallas shot came in the last minute. So I guess they were also against the Thunder in game 1 when Dallas still had less free throws than the Thunder and were called for one more foul than the Thunder. How about you and Boston Rob from Survivor go cook some smores on some deserted island and complain about the Yankees

        • Joy

          Oooooh, smart comeback. You should write for Sports Illustrated—NOT!!

  • Brett

    In all of that I can’t believe the ref called it. He was RIGHT THERE staring at it, and he called a foul? I wouldn’t have called anything, no foul on either, and told Harden to get up and play ball. If anything Hardan should be called a delay of game foul for preventing Chandler from inbounding the ball. There was no foul other than that.

    • Hal

      watched the game…. Hardin not only initiated the body contact but shoved into Tyson Chandler with a forearm trying to PUSH Tyson out of his way… that was the absolute worst officiating I have yet to see in basketball… they were absolutely MUGGING Dirk all night and he never got a foul shot till the 4th QTR… unbelievable…

  • ZED6661

    Come on man get rid of these pesky thunder players, If it wasn’t for paid off officials my NUGGETS would killed em the 1st round man! They are playin on hope and a damn prayer. GET LOST OKC

    • Joy

      The Nuggets played bad,that’s why they lost. And if you want to talk about paid off officials, how about the ones who are officiating the Thunder/Maverick games? How much did Dallas pay them to let them get away with cheating and flagrant fouls that were never addressed? And has anyone noticed that Dirk what cha ma callit never shuts is mouth? Wuz up wit dat???

    • KDfan

      You get lost!!! When I think of Nuggets, I think of chicken mcnuggets!!! GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bosoxfan2687

    Obviously if you didn’t see the reverse angle from behind Chandler, you would believe this to be a flop. When you watch the one angle this video DOESN’T SHOW, you will see that Chandler did pop Harden in the face with an elbow. Show every angle before you decide to call it a flop morons.

    • Siggy

      Looked at it, it was all initiated by Harden & yes it was a flop, moron…

      • KDfan

        Looks like Harden took and elbow to the face to me. All you people who are Maverick fans are typical LIARS!!!!!!!!!

  • CMyers

    First of all…. The officiating in the NBA is aweful! Does anyone notice that the referee that is the farthest away always makes the call? OUT OF POSITION!!!! You want to stop flopping…. FINE the players that do it after the fact. The only reason Dallas lost to Miami in 2006 is because anyone within 5 feet of Duane Wade got called for a foul when he shot. Dallas is the best team and this is without their #2 scorer in Caron Butler. Get called for a flop…. Lose a game check! That will stop the flop!

  • Rajiv

    He should go play soccer. lol

  • The Shark

    Lets face it OKC is looking for a way to get into the games. That can’t match Dallas’ bench or that the big German is great player. Far as comparing the “elbow” by Chandler to Bynum’s hit on JJ not even close. Now lets talk about the Boys at ESPN. If you are not from a California team aka Lakers or owned by the Steinbrenner’s forget being liked by espn period. They are biassed. All I can say is repeat of the 06 finals and my choice is Dallas. Go Mavs!!!

    • Joy

      I said it before and I’ll say it again, has anyone noticed how that German dude on the Dallas team never closes his mouth?? The Mavericks better enjoy it this year, because the Thunder will be taking over next year. Go OKC!!! NUMERO UNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T.J.

    I don’t mind the flop its part of the game and in the playoffs you do whatever it takes to win so I’m not angry about the flop. However comparing the “intent” of Chandlers raised elbow to the blatant shot Bynum took on Berea is absolutely idiotic. Chandler raised his elbow to get around Harden and made a little contact with his forehead Harden took advantage of it to give his team a little jumpstart he did exactly what what every other player would do in that situation in the playoffs. Berea who is 5’10 was in mid air after driving through the lane when Bynum who was pissed off at the time Elbowed him in the ribs so you tell me who was in more danger of getting seriously hurt here? Harden who got grazed with an Elbow, or Berea? who weighs all of 175 pounds getting elbowed by a 7ft guy who wanted to hurt Berea at that exact moment in time when he was in mid-air which anybody who has ever played basketball knows that THAT is the most dangerous position to hit anybody in because you don’t know how they will fall.

  • SReno

    Stupid ref

    • Siggy


    • KDfan

      Mavericks cheat,cheat, cheat!!!!!!!!! Go Thunder!!!!!!

  • jacob

    Floppers should be rewarded with a technical foul for disgracing the game. I find Big Baby’s flopping despicable, a 500 pound guy continually getting knoced to the ground. Big Baby – get a game.

  • KDfan

    You must be talking about the Mavericks then, because they were all flopping like fish out of water. And James Harden hardly weighs 500 pounds, you dunce!!!

  • thunderuphaters

    its unfortunate that u have people makin comments who probably never played sports at all, the issue here is, if Chandler hadnt thrown an elbow n the first place, there wouldnt b a flop