A new drug called Oxi is an extremely powerful drug being manufactured and used by those in the amazon region of Brazil. Like crack, Oxi uses a cocaine base. A cocaine base that is 80%-90% pure compared to crack’s 40% cocaine purity. Oxi is soaked in gasoline and mixed with limestone powder and other household chemicals that give the user an extreme high. Oxi is cheap at $3 a rock also and also far more deadly than crack. Side effects include brain damage and people who use Oxi normally die within the first year of taking it.

A 24-year old Oxi user who smokes it 2-3 times a day says, “When you smoke once you are already thinking about the next time and what you will do to get the next hit.”

Oxi is already beginning to spread outside of the amazon region of Brazil into outside cities.

[via: Al Jazeera English]