The Cleveland Cavaliers won the first pick in the NBA Draft lottery on Tuesday night which caused the second place finishing Minnesota Timberwolves GM to deliver a low blow to the NBA.

Wolves general manager David Kahn said he knew Minnesota was “dead” when it got down to the final three of himself, Utah executive Kevin O’Connor and Nick Gilbert. Why you may ask? Kahn delivered this quote which he may soon regret:

“This league has a habit, and I am just going to say habit, of producing some pretty incredible story lines. Last year it was Abe Pollin’s widow and this year it was a 14-year-old boy and the only thing we have in common is we have both been bar mitzvahed. We were done. I told Kevin: ‘We’re toast.’ This is not happening for us and I was right.”

That is a not so subtle direct accusation to the NBA claiming they rigged the lottery to make sure they capitalized on the “story” of Dan Gilberts 14 year old son and “hero” showing up to represent the Cavs organization at the lottery selection. Nick Gilbert was born with Neurofibromatosis (NF), a nerve disorder that causes tumors to grow anywhere in the body at any time. Nick Gilbert was supposed to be a good luck charm for the Cavs, and it worked.

Message to David Kahn, there is still something to be said about losing with class. You make the call if Kahn was joking or not as you can judge from the video below.

via ESPN

  • Matt

    he has a point…can’t put anything past the only league that has been busted selling out to Vegas. Great story lines make for more $.

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  • Ed

    Hey… Someone had to say it sooner or later… At some point someone was going to have to get insulted. I feel bad for the kid, but it is what it is

  • Nice way to close, suggesting Kahn might be able to lose with class. That’s one thing Mr. Gilbert definitely did not do when he lost LeBron last summer.

  • james cundiff

    He has a point , Sacramento got SCREWED by the NBA referees in the 2002 playoffs and YES , I BELIEVE TIM DONAHEY over David Stern. The NBA draft lottery is such a MONUMENTAL JOKE and needs to be revamped so that every team deserves a shot at number 1! I find it particularly OFFENSIVE that the three referees that threw the game to the L.A. Lakers in Game 6 of the 2002 playoffs also worked the NBA FINALS , but that’s the legacy of David Stern , CORRUPTION AND THE SCREWING OF THE SMALL MARKET TEAMS!

  • I think when an owner makes statements like this it gives credibility to the conspiracy theory’s.

  • orangeskin

    The T-Wolves getting the second pick is good because Kahn was probably saved from picking yet another point guard. He’s been an awful GM and his getting fired may be the best rebuilding project that the T-Wolves can undertake. He may have a point, but some things are better not said on the record. David Stern is no joke, and you can bet both Kahn and the T-Wolves will feel his response in both the wallet and the public humiliation department. I predict Kahn will be unemployed by the end of June.

  • john

    what a sore loser. first of all, that was the clippers original pick, it wasn’t even the cavs pick, so you can’t really blame cleveland. And you already got the second pick so what do you have to bitch about.

  • Jim from Chicago

    This kind of conspiracy crap ignores the fact that the lottery was overseen by the Big 4 CPA firm of Ernst and Young. Do you really think that they would risk the reputation of their firm on a rigged draft lottery?

  • Jerry

    He makes a great point, and I think it is true. The Timberwolves have been in the draft lottery 14 times and have NEVER improved their projected position. This league is all about the big market teams and the feel good stories. They “delivered” the #1 pick to Cleveland as a result of losing LeBron James. The commissioner talks about a competitive balance within the league, but the worst teams are rarely rewarded with the #1 draft choice. I’m done being a fan.

  • Steve

    Well, after the amazing string of “coincidences” in the history of the Draft lottery, someone had to say it. But as a T-wolves fan, I wish it didn’t have to be our guy falling on his sword.

    @ orangeskin – ironically, Kahn needed that #1 pick so he could finally get a point guard. Despite wasting 4 picks on PGs in 2009, that’s still the team’s biggest need. Unless of course, Kahn knows something the rest of us don’t about bust-in-waiting Ricky Rubio.

    Whether the lottery is fixed or not, Kahn assembled this team so if he’s looking for someone to blame for their draft position, he needs to look no further than his local mirror.

  • Guy

    What are you guys smoking that you consider Cleveland a ‘big market’ team?

    • Jerry

      Guy…I’m not calling Cleveland a “big market” team. I think Cleveland was awarded the #1 pick for losing LeBron.
      Since the NBA switched the lottery to their current system in 1990, the team with the worst record – despite having the best odds of getting the number one pick – has only received the first pick three times. Think about that. In 21 years the last place team has selected first in the NBA Draft only three times.

      • Eric

        That isn’t that out of line since it is the odds of 1 team vs 15 others.

        If the team that was always no 5 or something like that winning it would be real statistical oddity

  • Seriously, it feels like it has to be fixed. Someone started a discussion about this on the site earlier ( Would it make sense to eliminate the lottery, and just let the worst team have the first pick ?

  • RK


    • john

      that would be so cool if they had it live, every person in the room would be shitting there pants during the draw

  • Eric

    I think he picked the wrong storyline. He should have said, of course after the LeBron leaving mess Cleveland would win.

    Of course a double burn on the Cavs since they have 1 and 4 in the weakest draft in years…

  • Zoob

    They will NEVER show the actual balls being drawn (eventhough it would make unbelieveable TV ratings) because they would rather keep it in secret so they can continue to manipulate to the league’s advantage. This league IS a Joke.

  • BReal

    You can tell I haven’t watched an NBA Lottery in years because I was expecting to see the balls being drawn live….the last time I watched a draft lottery this is how it was done….once I saw them come out with the cards and then Cleveland ends up with the first pick and Dan Gilbert just “happens” to have is “hero” son there to represent the hard luck Cavs who “lost” someone who was no longer under contract I immediately knew the fix was in…..

    Lebron’s “Decision” cost some other team the first pick….

  • John

    I been saying the lottery was fixed I cam to that conclusion when Cleveland happen to get the first pick in 2003 and happen to get the hometown hero Lebron James.

  • Lance

    This Minnesota boy from St. Cloud who lives in Cleveland now is ashamed of Kahn and Gilbert. Kahn for being a sissy loser and Gilbert for his reaction to loosing LeBron. Cleveland is a small market team. Cheer up Kahn you might get a chance at who ever they draft in 4 or 5 years. Cleveland never keeps them after the initial contract because we are a small market it team and this city is getting smaller and smaller each year that passes. It will not be long when of three big league franchises moves out of this city. How does the Columbus or Cinci Cavaliers sound or maybe the Columbus Indians. That is if they even care to stay in Ohio. People, cities and sports teams are moving south I am afraid and as much as I love both cities and state MN and OH I do not see any hope unless their is a polar shift that makes these states Southern States and warmer climates.