“The Morning Cheat Sheet” is designed for those who may not eat, drink, or breathe sports on a regular basis. Cosby Sweaters delivers the essential bite-sized talking points you can use throughout the day to sound like an expert. When your significant other, coworkers, boss, kids, or the mailman dive into sports related conversation, simply recall and regurgitate “The Morning Cheat Sheet” and watch them nod their head in agreement (or spit out their coffee). Take that sports nerds.

1) Major League Baseball Update – We are about 1/5th of the way through the baseball season.  There are 162 total games played in a season, plus the playoffs.  There are 6 divisions in baseball and here are the 6 teams in first place currently:  (In the National League) Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, and the Colorado Rockies.  (In the American League) New York Yankees, The LA/Anaheim Angels, and the Cleveland Indians. Don;t feel bad about saying:  Man, the Boston Red Sox are really under performing this year.

2) More Lakers Fallout – The Lakers Andrew Bynum threw a very cheap shot elbow at a much smaller player on the Dallas Mavericks during the game the Lakers were eliminated from the playoffs.  The League front office came down hard on him yesterday bu suspending him for five games next season and fining him 25k.  He did issue a public apology yesterday as well.  You are correct to say: Andrew Bynum is a clown and was very classless during the Lakers game 4.  He deserved every game of his 5 game suspension.