“The Morning Cheat Sheet” is designed for those who may not eat, drink, or breathe sports on a regular basis. Cosby Sweaters delivers the essential bite-sized talking points you can use throughout the day to sound like an expert. When your significant other, coworkers, boss, kids, or the mailman dive into sports related conversation, simply recall and regurgitate “The Morning Cheat Sheet” and watch them nod their head in agreement (or spit out their coffee). Take that sports nerds.

1) NBA Playoff Update – With the 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs being over it is time to give a quick update (remember they are best out of 7 series).  In the West we have The Dallas Mavericks (who upset the Lakers) moving on to play either the Memphis Grizzlies or the Oklahoma City Thunder (series is tied at 2 – 2).  In the East, The Miami Heat are beating the Boston Celtics 3 games to 1 and they will play either The Atlanta Hawks or the Chicago Bulls who are tied 2 games to 2.  Have no fear saying: How the hell did the Mavericks beat the Lakers in 4 straight games?

2) Golf Is Happening? – Yes it is, it is actually still early in the golf season and the bad news keeps coming for Tiger Woods.  After skipping the last tournament with a minor injury Tiger will be playing this weekend but unfortunately he will not be the #1 ranked or even #6 ranked golfer out there.  Tiger Woods has dropped to eighth in the world golf rankings after being overtaken by Paul Casey of England.  It is fine to say: Tiger fell from grace, now he fell to #7 in the world rankings.