Josh Smith took exception to Carlos Boozer’s elbow, which seemed intentional, and decided to shove Carlos in the back fairly hard. The two had a stare down for a bit before cooler headed teammates were able to separate the two. The Chicago Bulls ended up beating the Atlanta Hawks 95 – 83 in Chicago to take a 3-2 lead in the series.

via @jose3030

  • Thaddeus

    Anytime there is a whiff of a fight breaking out I always giggle at the fans’ reactions. You have the tough guys who are itching to get in on the action, the women who look terrified as if it’s their own children out there, the drunks who are antagonizing the whole thing, and my personal favorite, the guys who are smiling from ear to ear because they are so “giddy” about what could happen. If you look close during this clip, you can identify a person in each of these catagories.

  • Tom

    Boozer was obviously putting his arm up cause josh smith was swinging on the rim from the dunk.

    But then Josh Smith let go and the elbow went into his face accidentally.

    Just a bunch of overreaction