After the Lakers were swept in an epic fashion by the Dallas Mavericks this weekend, Lakers legend and Starbucks franchisee Magic Johnson used words like “embarrassing” and “classless” to describe this year’s Lakers’ playoff performance….specific criticism was geared towards Lamar Odom’s and Andrew Bynum’s 4th quarter flagrant fouls in game 4.

The next Lakers legend to pile on has been Jerry West, also former Lakers’ General Manager. This week on the Dan Patrick Show, West explained some of his surprise and disappointment over the fashion in which the Lakeshow exited the NBA playoffs.

” I was a little bit embarrassed, not with the loss,” West said. “But some of the things I saw on the floor which I thought were really just not something that a person that wears a Laker uniform should do.”

You can listen to West’s entire interview here.

(via Huff Post)