If you are thinking about buying the Apple brand you better have at least $135 Billion laying around.  that’s according to the latest research from research firm Millard Brown who compile an annual list of the world’s most valuable brands for BrandZ.  Apple’s valuation was up 84% from last year while Google fell 2% to a measly $111.5 billion.

Millard Brown CEO Eileen Campbell see’s corporate alignment as Apple’s secret sauce:

It’s clear that every single Apple employee, from Steve Jobs and Tim Cook to the summer interns, see protecting and nurturing that brand as a top priority.  Tablet computing also drove value growth not just for Apple, but also for the providers who support yet another networked device.

You can get the full list and see how your brand did here. Ironically Cosby Sweaters recent brand valuation of $8.438 billion left us just off the list but Goldman Sachs better watch their backs.