AirRun is an iOS app that creates a marketplace of “Seekers”, people that need real-life tasks completed, and “Runners”, people who will complete tasks for money. The location-powered platform displays available jobs according to their proximity to your location.

Let’s say you want to score some weed. Since you’re looking for someone to do the task for you, you’ll be posting a new job because you’re a “Seeker.” Fire up AirRun and let’s go.

Step 1:
Enter information about your job (i.e. title, description, location)
AirRun Step 1 - Create Job


Step 2:
Map where you want your item, job, or task, delivered to or to take place. Pick from the three options: current location, a specified location of your choosing, or favorite location.
AirRun Step 2 - Map It


Step 3:
Specify the time you want your sticky green to be delivered and the price you’re willing to pay your “Runner” to deliver it.
AirRun Step 3 - Details


Step 4:
Confirm your job and wait around for door-to-door drug dealer.
AirRun Step 4 - Confirm Job


You can download the app for free in the App Store.
Now watch this ridiculous video about AirRun.