While 26 points behind the Mavs, Lamar Odom thought it best to send off Phil Jackson into retirement by embarrassing the Lakers with a purely classless hit, sending Nowitzki to the floor with a couple of elbows and a few unkind words. Props to Dirk for remaining calm as he looks towards the Western Conference finals.

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  • Hey – cut the guy some slack – if you were married to a Kardashian, you’d have some unresolved issues, too.

  • 49erfan

    Dirk FLOPPED!!! I’ve been watching the video over and over and Dirk FLOPPED!

    • agreen

      i totally agree watched it maybe twenty times and it the same oscar winning performance.

  • Chuck Ty

    Thank you Lamar!! Dirk is the biggest flopper in the NBA and is a huge cry baby who loves elbowing players. Dirk has been a dirty player for many years.

    Man up Dirk, you got called out by Lamar.

    • rlee

      Hahaha whatever all you HATERS!!! LAKERS SORE LOSERS!!

  • agreen

    hey this is a mans game it gets physical and i don’t see what the drama is about Dirk did a good flop. When Kobe fell in game two nobody said anything about the fact that Jason Kidd had just grabbed him with both hands around the hips and gave him a sling trying to move him out of the way or that dramatic act Dirk pulled in game one to draw the foul on Pau when he never touched him. Dirk is known for his drama routines i wonder when will he start his real career acting.


    Sounds like a bunch of Jealous Laker fans to me. You do what you can do to get a win in the playoffs. If it takes flopping a time or two to get a call, so be it. AFter all the dirty plays the Lakers pulled in this series and DIDNT get called for, I believe Dirk did the right thing to bring attention to Lamar Odom’s losing behavior. Suck it up Laker fans, this year isnt your year. Go Mavs!!!

  • 49erfan

    First of all, not only am I NOT a die hard Laker fan I’m not even a die hard basketball fan. I only watch the playoffs but I never follow anyone during the regular season. I am a total neutral observer so having said that…I will tell you that Dirk should be fined and suspended because HE ran into Odom and Dirk was the instigator. That was a total acting job on Dirk and I think that the refs, the announcers, and the fans are all idiots for thinking that “poor” 7 foot plus Dirk was knocked down by 6 foot 10 Odom. If I had an Oscar, I would give it to him!