Rucker park and Pau Gasol just don’t seem like a match made in heaven, however Snoop may have the perfect cure for Pau Gasol playing so soft in the playoffs so far.  My one beef with Snoop’s plan is the fact that he mentioned Odom as one of the folks to take Pau to Rucker.  Apparently Snoop hasn’t seen Lamar’s reality show yet.


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  • ragg

    We? Does this idiot snoop owns part of the Lakers?

    • Big One

      Dumbass everybody who is in to the sports feels like they are part of the team, idiot!

    • fredking

      lol…Like Snoop has heart….I remember when Suge Knight chased him outta LA lol

  • Erik

    “We” as in the Laker Fans. I’m totally down with that idea!

  • nicc

    You sound like someone thats a fan of a losing team or dont have 1 home team he goes for. Everyone has used the “we” reference when talking about their team, as a sign of support and love.. Stop being a nagative “HATER” for no darn reason.. LakerNation…

  • scott

    Snoop is right. Pau could use some hood in his play. He’s not playing tough, very soft. He’s not playing defense either. I don’t know what happen to him, but he just can’t play his regular self and it’s really hurting the lakers.

  • lakerssuck

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  • djn1029

    to nicc who say’s ….”Stop being a nagative “HATER” for no darn reason..”

    does the same go for snoop dogg ??



    Pau ain soft, its just z randolph is skoolin his a$$ thats all.

    • nbaluve

      You know randolph isn’t a maverick, right?

    • blackandred1974

      Z Randolph is playing against the Thunder not the Lakers.

    • ek

      you are the perfect example of how either morons use marijuana, or marijuana turns you into a moron. wrong gasol, wrong teams (moron).

  • Robg

    Stop Crying Laker Fans, Now Hes Soft? He Wasn’t Soft When Yall Where WInning Two Championships. Take Your Azz Whoopins Like Men And Stop Blaming The Man The Got You The Last Two In The First Place.

    • Derrik Miller

      Well said!

    • RICKEE


  • jam_nurse31

    Is there a “positive” hater? Just asking

  • jack weston

    Pau Gasol has two rings. There are many big men who have 0.
    Give credit where credit is due. The Lakers went 17-1 after the all star
    break. It’s been a great season, rest in peace!

  • jack weston

    Pau gasol has two rings. There are many big men who have none.
    The lakers went 17-1 after the all-star break, and were considered
    the best team in basketball. It’s been a great run. Rest in peace!

  • nbaluve

    djn, how is snoop a hater when he’s tossing out ideas for gasol to improve his game? A “hater” would be glad he’s soft and hopes he stays that way. Snoop sounds like a laker fan that’s calling out a player for being one of the reasons his team’s down 0-3, nothing hater about it. why do people have a problem with snoop? he hasn’t cost the lakers a single yet lol.

  • nbaluve

    single game i meant

  • rollee 11

    I am a die hard laker fan and i agree with the person who said that Gasol is only soft when they are losing. I been a fan for over 20 years and cant ever remember them getting their butt kicked like this. So yeah we have to take this beating like a man and as everone knows no one has come back after losing the first 3 games. so as the old saying goes wait till next year. LA 4 Life.

  • Denny

    lakers problems are perimiter shooting….. period……Dallas just collapses on big men and has 3 defenders everytime gasol, bynum, or odom have ball in paint…….also you see their guards killing are guards……Kidd is 38 and schooling kobe on offense cuz he takes to many chances on defense……..he needs to lock kidd up and dont worry about scoring so much….but if we dont hit outside 15 to 19 ft jump shots its over….We hit those shots and we will blow them out….I will be watchin….1 2 3 CANCUN !

  • Pau has 2 rings but there are many more out there ask Mj, Kobe, Magic and Bird.

  • I hate when teams are losing the media and the team fans point the finger at one guy the lakers are losing as a team just like they won the previous 2 trophies as a team it just looks like the ride is over hahahahah

  • I agree with Robg. As a lifelong laker fan, they are just getting their butts kicked right now. They have no one to guard Dirk, but its not because of Gasol. Funny how u never hear hes soft when their winning.

  • james

    not a faker fan or gasol grupie but before he got here fakers where losing &kobe was
    sreaming to get help or trade him,so the trade 4gasol payed off ,what they need is better bench play.Big D is kickin ass

  • knick4life

    Let’s face it, Gasol IS soft. I know it, you know it, and so does Gasol. He has reduced himself to being a role player instead of a starting center for one of the more storied franchises in our league. Take his ass to Rucker Park and have his ass handed to him by the faithful. Maybe then he will MAN UP and wear the Laker jersey with pride and quality.

  • flovahova

    Didnt Suge Knight chase Snoop outta LA………back in the day…he had to run to Master P for he has heart huh….Go pay some more crips to have ur back lol

    • knick4life

      what does snoop being chased out of LA by suge Knight have to do with Pau Gasol being a soft starting center for the Lakers?????? Stay focused bro…….