During a recent Chattanooga Lookouts game, the batter hit a foul ball into the stands near right field only for a dad to catch it with one hand while he holds his daughter in the other. Now that’s badass.

  • John Van Luvender

    that is some epic stuff right here nice catch should the guy be out than? LOL

  • John P Junke

    I’m impressed not so much by the catch itself, but by the way he moved his girl out of harm’s way — and that she appears not at all afraid: she knows Dad will protect her. WOW, what a family moment! No wonder that baseball is America’s pastime!

  • Absolut John

    SWEET catch! Line drive shot into the first base grandstand – and snagged right out of the air BAREHANDED!!! That alone would be enough to make it go viral – but this guy does it while holding his daughter. WOW. Just impressive.

    This would make a great Father’s Day commercial….

    Everyone in the path of that ball was so grateful too – it really could have hurt someone!