Things are getting rather chippy in Orlando these days…

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  • Rodreques

    If Dwight want to stop the questions……sign the extension when it is presented to you!!! Lead “your” city- dont be another Lebron….Be a real super hero…..

  • Pete

    Dwight, if is not there ,go get it. You got your whole career ahead of you. You will do some great things in the Nba. Dont be stuck where you know your future will remain the same. Go Hollywood !!!



  • Mello

    Dwight I think the New York Knicks will be happy to have a great player like you!!, come to new york. or why don’t try south beach!!

  • Heat

    Do what you feel will make you happy, Its your choice not the world’s. Much Respect to the King, he is looking like his wish may come true.. Go Heat!!

  • kissmynana

    dont be another lebron! own up and say it! stop being so scary

  • citpes23

    Hey Dwight, you would make an excellent addition in Boston! You along with the “big three” and a nice supporting cast will be almost impossible to beat! Don’t let pride get to you by saying that you want be the leader. A great leader must be a great folloer!

  • mike nuzzo

    boston your done time for social security. ny would be a monster with you 3 superstars in their prime.

    • opal shaw

      so many of you are saying boston is old, yes, but why are they still standing even now to the younger men, come on, is that saying something. many young team gone down and they are still standing.


    Dwight, you will be a great addition to the New York Knicks. Your addition will make them capatible to the Miami Heat. true to the matter is, do not go out with a decision the way Labron did. I lost alot of respect for him…Miami heat will go down on the playoffs. go Boston

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