This is pretty amazing. Phillies fans react to the news that Bin Laden was killed with a very audible “USA” chant during their Sunday Night Baseball game against the New York Mets. The Mets ended up winning 2-1 in the 14th inning. Enjoy the video and try very hard not to feel a great sense of pride while watching.

via Mocksession

  • Carmen Sandiego – 1
    Osama bin Laden – 0

    God Bless America!

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  • Pete Williams

    For all the times that the Philadelphia fans get a bad rap, it is nice that they know what is important and know how to show the nation their true colors.

  • There should never be a bad rap for Philadelphia fans. Vocal and frank yes! Its been twenty two years since I moved to SC but a piece of my heart will always love “Philly”

  • How do you not get chills?

  • lenny Barish

    i grew up in southern N.J. live in Indiana now. But i am still a phillies fan. Loved watching game last night, Am proud of the fans chanting USA. God bless our troops. and our Country.

  • nemo

    What a bunch of clowns. He’s been dead for years but you are all so gulable.

  • Right, nemo

    Him & Elvis,all the Kennedys(even the live ones),the aliens from Roswell,John Wilkes Booth and Dr. Mengele all live together under the polar ice caps with dolphins. I may be gullible but
    you like your namesake (Nemo) need to find your mind.

    Long live the normal people..

  • Jim Wooley

    Loved it!! Seems like payback for all the dancing in the streets all those Arabs did on 9/11. You know, what goes around, comes around. Just hate it came on Obamas watch. He’s the most un-patriotic person to be President. Seen his crotch salute yet?

    • uncleremus

      such a poinant comment, jimwooley. after 8 years of dubbya’s bombastic speeches and malpropisms we finally have an intelligent and well-spoken president who does not embarrass our great country.

  • Hey uncleremus ( there must be some kind of sarcasm in that name)

    1st the word is poignant (see the difference?)

    2nd if you think the person masquerading as President is a shining example of intelligence then apparently you haven’t seen what is happening to this nation lately.

    3rd W was real and it is people like you who listen to the idiot box and the talking heads who have your head stuck somewhere between the sand and your chest.

    It is great that ubl is gone, great that our military accomplished it, I give Obama credit that he finally gave up the idea that sitting down, buying the world a coke and attempting to sing in perfect harmony is state department policy. Way to go Phillies fans for making those of us from Philly proud!!!!!!

  • Rick

    Great! So why do we deny 1st responders benefits, why are they the bad guys now???
    And they have to “prove” they are not terrorists???