Manny Pacquiao has dropped the long awaited 2 Disc set entitled “Sometimes When We Touch.” I initially thought that Dan Hill would be furious, but was comforted by the fact that he was involved. Seriously?

Eventually, the two met at a Manhattan hotel and agreed to record a remake of the song that launched Hill’s career – which could also possibly launch Pacquiao’s international singing career with the release of their new CD.

During the recording, Hill said he was amazed with Pacquiao’s laser beam focus in perfecting his craft as a singer.

“Whenever I’d sing him anything, he was right there, like there was no one else there. He took it in,” said Hill.

“He’s got a great musical ear. I mean you could be a really good singer and still not have a good ear, meaning you may not be able to retain a melody if I sing it to you one time. I could sing Manny anything one time and he’ll sing it back to me perfectly.”

MP “Sometimes When We Touch” from sandrine on Vimeo.

via ABS