Maybe he is taking this royal Wedding thing a bit too seriously? The Boston Bruins play-by-play announcer somehow was able to compare the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens to dumping tea, or at least we think? Lucky for the folks in Boston they will get to see and hear more of Jack as the Bruins beat the Montreal Canadians this evening 4-3 in Overtime to move onto the second round of the NHL playoffs.

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  • Don Johnson

    Those who don’t under stand “what he’s talking about,” need more education and maturity. He is saying, very simply, the Montreal Canadians and their fans are arrogant, and believe they are the only ones who play hockey correctly, and naturally deserve the Stanley Cup. They don’t earn their victories, and if they can’t get the lead by earning it by their play they expect the league and/or officials to help them. Which is the way monarchs (i.e. Great Britain) attain power and exercise it. By naturally attaining it by accident of birth, they never actually “earn” their power and position. And they whine and cry when things don’t go their way, or the officials don’t make the calls in their favor. Or did I miss something? Weren’t the last 2 Canadian wins only because they had calls go in their favor. I know at least one game was tied because the Bruins were 2 men down and that is when the Canadians scored their only goals.

    • Bruce

      Man,you are as bad as Edwards. Yes,Boston has such classy fans;they boo a player when he takes a headshot.You have the same goon mentality as Edwards and the fans. (you poor little giuys against the big imperial power) They won’t get away with their behavior with the Flyers!

  • thediplomat

    Thanks Don. I just honestly didn’t know what he was talking about. Thanks for the clarity. Cheers

  • i know what hes talking about, but it doesnt mean i still dont think he is insane

  • HandyJim

    Edwards speaks the truth.
    down with tea!!!

  • john

    Canadians fans are arrogant?What about Bettman and the NHL?
    Here we are acting like dogs waiting for the scraps of washed up American hockey.We should just start a Canadian
    pro league to includeWinnipeg,Hamilton,Quebec,Mississauga
    London,Regina,Halifax,Moncton and maybe a few other teams
    rather han having empty rinks,the current status is patheic for a hockey nation like ours.

  • D.Pantselman

    I got it (sort of), but just thought it was a typically arrogant thing for Edwards to blabber about, as though he’s ever worn the sweater. His tough guy routine has always been ludicrous. Taking a shot at the fans? Bush league. And while I don’t mind homerism itself, when it dictates what you see on the ice, as it clearly does for Jack, it yields an idiotic telecast. Go B’s… but with the volume down on the TV. The man is a jackass.