BSC 2011 - Week 16

Good morning, everyone!  Sixteen weeks have now gone by in the BSC 2011.  As you well know, last week brought us our first upset of the year, as Big Skeezy gained five pounds and suffered his first loss of the season.  Would Week Sixteen begin a new winning streak or have the engines been permanently put in reverse?  Let’s break it down:

After last week’s awful weigh-in I was determined to get back on track this week.  The week started off well, like they always do, but also had a birthday celebration as well as Easter looming at the end of it.  Why I picked Tuesday as a weigh-in day is beyond me, as it seems that having more time between the weekend and the weigh-in would have been wise.  Then again, having the weigh-in waiting for me Tuesday morning sometimes (but not always) helps me curtail what might be some questionable weekend decisions.

The Great Bike Experiment was in full force this week.  I rode to and from work each day and hit the gym in the morning.  I took a couple of days off at the gym simply because my muscles needed time to heal.  I was pretty sore to say the least.

There is no DigiFit screenshot this week because the DigiFit actually gave me some problems this week. To be fair, it wasn’t the DigiFit’s fault, really.  You see, I have to pack everything I need for the day into my backpack for the ride in the morning.  I strap on my heart monitor and put my iPod, complete with the DigiFit sensor, into a pouch in my bag and ride away.  Inevitably, every time I ride away I jar it loose and my 25 minute heart-pounding bike ride has registered as 68 seconds and 13 calories burned.  I ordered an arm band a few days ago so hopefully I’ll have some data to share with you next week.

The week passed mostly without incident until Friday, which you weekly readers know is usually where the downward spiral begins.  This Friday, however, was fairly tame.  I had after-work dinner and drinks with my friend “Courtney” and made it home at a decent hour.  I awoke Saturday and went for a long bike ride and got my hair cut along the way.  I enjoyed a nice, leisurely breakfast and the warm Southern California sun that was shining that day.  I spent the afternoon poolside with Wendi and the one and only Girl Baby, who was making her first trip to a swimming pool:


I know, I know.  She’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Girl Baby and Wendi left and it was time to start the birthday celebration for my friend “Chris”.  A group of about 20 of us made our way to a Mexican restaurant where I avoided the margaritas and stuck to vodka/soda while I dined on some shrimp that had been stewed in a lovely sauce.  Not the best, but better than a lot of the other options.  It was then off to another bar to get real, and get real we did.  The dance floor didn’t know what hit it, as evidenced below.  Note my friend “Joey” checking his pulse tomake sure his long night of doing the Bernie wasn’t too taxing on his heart:

No Joey No!

The night eventually came to an end because everything closed.  I awoke easter morning, stepped around/over the sleeping guests and surveyed the damage.  The coffee table alone had an empty bottle of Jack Daniel’s, a few empty beer cans, an empty grape Four Loko (I don’t even know where that came from), some shot glasses and a blood pressure machine.  Yeah, nice night.

So what better way to cap what appears to have been an awesome Easter Eve than by diving right back in on Easter Sunday?

I ended up making a huge Easter dinner for the family, complete with a ham, brussel sprouts, asparagus, roasted potatoes and dinner rolls.  It was really very tasty:

nom nom nom nom

Was it the healthiest of weekends, no, but it wasn’t too bad.  I kept biking and getting my exercise when I could so I was feeling pretty good coming into today.  I was still nervous, obviously, after last week’s debacle.

So I awoke this morning, stepped on the scale and discovered that…

…I was six pounds lighter.  That bring me down to 312 and back to a total weight loss of 59 pounds.

I feel better this week, obviously, but still could have done better.  I feel like it’s another wash of a week and I’m looking forward to doing work this week to get down further.  The good news is that I had to buy jeans this weekend because I’ve gone down another size so I’m still on the right track, but there’s a lot of work yet to be done.

Tune in next week and let’s see if I can keep the new streak alive!