Facebook Send Button

Over 50 million groups have been created on Facebook and in response the company launched a new feature called the ‘Send’ button. Similar to the existing ‘Like’ button, the idea is to help promote content across the web with Facebook friends in your network. The difference with the ‘Send’ button is that it allows you to be more specific with who you share that content with (e.g. a Facebook Group, an individual via email address, and/or a mix of Facebook friends). The existing ‘Like’ button pushes your activity to all of your Facebook friends whereas the ‘Send’ button gives you more control over who you share that piece of content with.

This can be seen as an effort on Facebook’s part to give the user more control over how they share their activity and data. Facebook is also giving new features Facebook Groups today including polls, photo albums, and new administrator controls.

Facebook’s new ‘Send’ button can initially be seen on 50 websites across the internet including People.com, Orbitz, The Huffington Post, and Gilt Groupe.

[via: GigaOM]