Vince Vaughn made an appearance in Chicago for the Blackhawks 7-2 mauling of the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday night. The Blackhawks were facing elimination down 3 games to 0 and showed the fire they had during their Stanley Cup run last year. The below photo was snapped by the Chicago Tribune which showed Vince Vaughn giving Roberto Luongo “the business” as he was pulled.

  • Dick Hurtzer

    His own career is going down the tubes. When’s the last time this loser made a movie?

    • Babganoosch

      Hey Dick Hoser, time to switch on the lantern, crawl out of the den you burrowed yourself into up in BC and join the ‘REAL WORLD’. Vaughan has had a steady stream of releases, it’s called ‘THE MEDIA’, check it out, you might find some of these things out for yourself!

    • VinceUSA

      Your comment only makes sense in Canada where it’s still 1998.
      Don’t worry Vince makes a whole lot of funny movies in the future and if your good little mounties we Americans will even let you watch a few. You just go on criticizing us and standing in our cold shadow and we’ll do all of the hard work as usual.

      • nisgo

        Hey bubba, time for the both of you to tuck yourselves out of hickville, U.S.A and put away that banjo that your mother/wife/sister bought you…. here’s some news for ya, Warner brothers family are from London, Ontario, CANADA. Mayer of MGM, you got it another Canadian. Heck even the Disney family came from Godrich, Ontario, CANADA! Lots of Canadian actors too! What we get here in Canada is just regurgitated culture anyways. As for living in 1998, well based on the salary earnings and our stronger economy, I would have to say that you are sadly still living in the past.

        Amazing how American’s always have to reference a small penis, i.e. Dick (lol!).. complex issues?

        • carlton

          The Warner bros. were actually from western Pennsylvania (New Castle area).

        • whocares

          If those people are from (OHHHH!)Canada like you say there were, there’s a reason why they came to America.

        • VinceUSA

          Regurgitated is right.



          BTW don’t believe your propaganda about your canada’s great film history

          Warner Bros were born in Poland
          LB Meir (Mayer) born in Belarus
          Walt Disney was born in Chicago
          and all made their money in the great USofA

          Listen, when frozen tundra becomes a commodity, you may rule the world.

          But while you are living under the blanket of our protection we’d prefer you just said thank you once in a while and be on your way.

          cudnucks loose in 7

  • Dick Hurtzer

    You’re right guys. I’m just gonna go suck my own small canadian dick now.

    • Jesse

      C’mon now; I’d rather hang with a canadian over a d-bag blackhawks or redwings fan.

  • James Friesen

    Good old Yankee arrogance at its finest. Makes me so proud to be an American

  • Kevin Kish

    The reality here is that Chicago is done. They’re down 3 – 0 in the series and traded away the guts of the team in the offseason last year. Guys like Byfuglien, who killed the Canucks for the last few years, are gone. Vince Vaughn has seen his one playoff game this year because there won’t be any more in Chicago until next season at the earliest.

    • Mike

      Agreed….we (Red Wings) did our part to embarrass them but the Stars let us down, So for this series I root for the Cans. Then back to real playoff hockey…Red Wings vs the next loser 🙂

  • beer

    Whose got the beer ? eeh

  • beer

    what happened to the Molson Ice eeh?

  • Ducks31

    Hey Kevin, FYI – Chicago managed to win one. I tend to agree, the Hawks may win one more, but they’ll be golfing by Easter.

    • whocares

      3 Games to 2 now after the hawks routed the nucks 5-0..

  • Essexx Radcliffe

    Just a hockey fan who loves the Blackhawks, acting like a hockey fan….It’s all part of the love of the game!…..You tell em’, Vince!

  • Charles Runyon

    Hey folks he was having fun! I would do the same thing at a game! You guys are a bunch of Sally Boys worried about feelings I guess.