Cheat Sheet

“The Morning Cheat Sheet” is designed for those who may not eat, drink, or breathe sports on a regular basis. Cosby Sweaters delivers the essential bite-sized talking points you can use throughout the day to sound like an expert. When your significant other, coworkers, boss, kids, or the mailman dive into sports related conversation, simply recall and regurgitate “The Morning Cheat Sheet” and watch them nod their head in agreement (or spit out their coffee). Take that sports nerds.

1) What Does a No Hitter Mean? – One of the holy grails in baseball is known as the no-hitter. This means that a certain pitcher stayed in the game for all 9 innings and did not allow the other team to have one single hit. Think about it, 9 innings, 3 batters (at least) per inning, essentially 27 all told, not allowing a single one of them to get a hit. That is pretty remarkable. I was jost told by a lovely lady that it is the equivalent of a painless Brazilian bikini wax. Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants came close to performing the ultimate bikini wax last night but only got through 7 innings. Great attempt though. Feel free to say: Man, Lincecum almost threw a no-no last night, dude still got it.

2) Hot in Miami? – The Miami Heat lead their NBA Playoff series against the Philidelphia 76ers 2 games to 0. This is expected but it is important to make sure to root against the Heat. They are annoying and Lebron is a cocky guy who has no redeeming qualities. Ok to exclaim: Lebron sucks, can’t wait until he gets knocked out next round.