BSC - 15

Good morning!  We’re now fifteen weeks into the BSC 2011 and things continue to roll along.  Lately things have been pretty slow-going for Big Skeezy, due to circumstances totally within yet out of his control.  Would Week 15 prove to be a better one than the last few?  Is he primed for that stretch run into the summer?  Let’s break it down:

After spending the last few weeks floundering around 315 (give or take) I decided to start the great bicycle experiment.  You see, a few years ago when I was much, much thinner I used to ride my bike everywhere.  To and from work, the store, friend’s houses – everywhere.  While that certainly helped back then the way I was living my life otherwise wasn’t conducive to keeping the weight off long-term.  That, my friends, is what has brought us here.  In any case, I figured adding the bicycle to the routine could only help matters, provided my knees could take it.  It turns out they still can so I have started riding my bike to and from work, which is roughly three miles each way.  I hate the treadmill so much (SO much) I figured this would only help.  The plan was this: get up at 5:00 AM, pack my stuff, ride to the gym (which is next door to the office), hit the weights, get ready for work, work, ride home that afternoon.  It’s like doing two-a-days.  Clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose!

Week 15

Take a look at last Wednesday.  1,389 calories burned.  BOOM!  That was day one of the biking.  Now I did change it up a bit because that afternoon I actually rode to my pal Kyle’s house, which is roughly four miles from work and, even though it’s towards the beach, seems to be straight uphill.  I had dinner plans Thursday night and had some sushi and a couple of beers.  truth be told, after Wednesday I was so sore I couldn’t have gone to the gym if I tried.  Friday, the bike still at Kyle’s, I didn’t make it to the gym due to plans to go to a carnival with my friend “Wendi” and her daughter, the one and only Girl Baby, pictured here in her jammy-jams:


The next day I spent relaxing and then hit the gym for some weight work.  Sunday I met Kyle and my bicycle at Kyle’s office and rode the 4-ish miles home from there.  Yesterday was a good day where I went back onto the schedule.  Bike, gym, work, bike, home.  I have discovered that I need to get one of those armbands for my iPod because the Digifit sensor keeps getting jarred loose in my backpack when I ride my bike, so the afternoon ride yesterday registered about the first three minutes before disconnecting.  In fact, if you look at the chart above you’ll see that today has this morning’s workout on it but, alas, not the bike ride because it disconnected again.  It ran for all of 38 seconds before I noticed three miles later.

As far as my eating went, I was pretty damned good this week.  Most days at work were the usual fare: oatmeal, salad, chicken, and water water water.  As I mentioned, I ate sushi and a couple of beers on Thursday, and did have three wee fried chicken balls and a biscuit on Friday.  Saturday I was good, eating grilled beef and some roasted peppers at the lesbian barbecue I found myself at.  Sunday was strictly by-the-book, as nary a carb entered my system.

Needless to say, I was kind of excited to get on the scale this morning and that’s a new phenomenon for me.  Recently I’ve dreaded it but I felt like I’d put in solid work this week.  I was ready.  I awoke, stepped onto the scale and found…

…that I’d gained five pounds.


WAIT.  WHAT?!?!  How the %$#@! did I GAIN five pounds?  Was I perfect this week, diet-wise?  No.  Was I as good at the gym as I have been in the past?  Yes, I think so, though there’s obvious room for improvement.  I was demolished.  I started thinking, well, maybe it’s muscle.  I can feel myself getting stronger due to the weight work and am starting to feel definition in places there was previously no definition.  Not tons, but it’s definitely there.  Still, five pounds of muscle and no weight loss at all?  How the hell did I lose weight during the Spring Training Miracle?  My birthday weekend results in three pounds shed and the week I behave myself gains FIVE?

It had to happen sooner or later, I suppose.  I’m just in absolute shock over this and pretty pissed off as well.  Why can’t I break this barrier?  It’s really starting to annoy me and now I’m just pissed.  I wish I knew why my body was being so damned weird.  But hey, body, guess what?  Now I’m mad.  You wanna play rough?  Let’s play rough.

See you all next week.