Raffi Torres hit on Brent Seabrook last night was awarded only a 2 minute penalty and no further reprecussions for what could have been interpreted as a violation of rule 48 (essentially a blind-side hit to the head). The call was debatable as to if it was to the head or not. However, tonight in the Pittsburgh Penguins v Tampa Bay Lightning game there was no debate when Chris Kunitz hit Simon Gagne with a blatant blindside hit to the head. An absolutely unacceptable hit which should be met with a hefty suspension. Is there room for debate here, we don’t believe so.

The hit was retaliation for an earlier illegal charge by Steve Downie who had a leaping hit into Pittsburgh’s Ben Lovejoy which is not allowed. Once you get the skates off the ice, you have no argument.

via Inside Pittsburgh Sports
Image via Puck Daddy

  • JB

    The Kunitz hit, while dirty, is a retaliation hit on a much dirtier play. Check out a couple minutes earlier in the game where Gagne leaps off his feet to hit Lovejoy with his elbows behind the net without the puck. Not only was it an obvious head shot, something the league claims to be trying to get rid of, but there wasn’t even a penalty on the hit. At least a penalty was correctly called on Kunitz. While I agree that Kunitz’s hit was illegal, if he gets a penalty for that play, then Gagne should get a major for his hit. I expect both to be hearing from the league’s dean of inconsistent and favoritist discipline.

    • Patrick

      Much dirtier play? You have to be kidding me. Seriously, you have to be kidding me. That Kunitz elbow was horrendous. I didn’t see what Gagne did originally but it doesn’t get much worse than the Kunitz elbow. If Gagne did anything remotely close to be being a “much dirtier play” people would be talking about it besides some dumbass like you commenting. Gagne has sat out way too many games from concussions in his past to be taking blows like that from scumbag Kunitz. Kuntiz only got one game for his hit. Total BS. Kunitz should be out the entire series.

  • thediplomat

    Thanks much for the heads up. I should have updated earlier. I have now included the charge, poor omission on my end. Appreciated.