I cheated  a bit today and ate a bit of chinese food left over from a lunchtime training session as well as a fortune cookie to top it all off.  Truth be told, I only really wanted to cookie.  I love those things for some strange reason.  I will not, however, eat a fortune cookie without first eating chinese food.  I’m not sure what that’s about, but it’s how I’m wired.

I opened up my fortune cookie and found this inside:



Are you kidding me?  A damned advertisement?  I was pretty unhappy about this, having eaten that delicious bit of orange chicken only to find that my cookie had an ad inside.  Pissed, I decided to go to their stupid site and plug in my code.  What I got was this:

Okay then.  Fine.

As it turns out, my fortune was on the internet.  I was suddenly not quite as upset about it, since I ended up with a fortune after all.  I’m curious as to whether or not that fortune changes and just how many they have plugged into the site.

For those of you here in the area surrounding LAX, I think this might be a brilliant move on American Airlines’ part.  Think about it – how many college students, offices, apartments, homes and people in general order chinese food on a daily basis?  Everyone always opens a fortune cookie, regardless of whether or not they eat the damn thing.  Now you’re reaching people in the specific airport vicinity out of which you’re running your promotion, plus driving traffic to your site.  Not bad, I have to admit.

What do you guys think?