WARNING: This post uses bad language. Reader discretion advised.

Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 by the NBA for calling a referee a “f****** f*****” the other night in a game against the San Antonio Spurs that was broadcast on TNT.

What do you think would happen if an NBA player said the same words on national TV during the playoffs? Say, during Game 4 of the 2008 Eastern Conference semifinals?

Take a close look at this video. What do you think KG’s saying at the 19-second mark (and beyond)?

This happened on national TV. And it’s not like the gay community didn’t notice it. Take a look at this post from May 16, 2008. And here’s an NBA blogger drawing attention to KG’s outburst around the same time.

So, David Stern, how come Kobe got slapped with a gigantic fine and Kevin Garnett didn’t have to pay a penny?

Here are two compilations of NBA folks saying not-so-nice-things.

And here’s His Airness himself, using some NSFW language.

Thanks to TrueHoop, here’s a pretty stunning video of Kenyon Martin cursing out Mark Cuban.

Can anyone else think of other NBA players using similar slurs and not getting fined?

  • efrain

    you should be ashamed at yourself. your no better than a shameless ambulance chaser trying to cause trouble where there isn’t any. I also assume (most likely right) that you never played team sports. I’m sure any professional athlete (football, basketball) will tell you they here this or worse every night. Jordan was famous for getting under people’s skin a jawing, it’s part of the game. now stop being such a f!@#$ f!~$!$ and go help stray dogs or elderly people instead of wasting our time with this shit.

  • thediplomat

    efrain. I am beyond ashamed. and yes, as you say I am a “f!@#$ f!~$!$”

  • Q

    Your article should have an “I’m a major Kobe fan” warning somewhere on it. Reaching all the way back to the 2008 Playoffs, probably spent hours on youtube searching for this video.

    What you don’t realize is that, there’s a difference, Kobe’s comment was directed at someone, that someone being an NBA official, and also caught on camera/audio. Kevin’s was thrown out into mid air, and not directed towards anyone. Using the term may be wrong, but if you don’t see the difference in the two incidents then you may have on Kobe blinders.

    So it would probably do you some good to stop reaching, because this is the epitomy of reaching

  • thediplomat

    Actually very insightful comment, and very true regarding how it was directed at someone. Appreciated. All is true except the Kobe fan part and the hours on YouTube portion. Took a good 10 seconds to find.

  • Q

    Well I was just assuming, so I apologize.

  • George Soros

    What has this world come to when men have to apologize to F%$kin Fag&^ts

  • B

    It so interesting how the media is so focus on every little thing that Kobe does. How many times have any other “person” has used this word but not as a hate crime word. I am not saying it was right for Kobe to say this …but REALLY! I am sure Kobe is not the first to say it on the court. I would hate to see how much money they can fine on the football field? or how about the fines we can rack up on what the politicians say that are truley racial remarks.