We’ve all been there.  You’re out in public and completely drunk when nature calls.  There’s no time to duck into the nearest establishment because, frankly, they’re all closed and you’re way too hammered to get away with it anyway.  Naturally, you pee in the first dark corner you find, running the risk of being discovered by the tenants or your friends or, worst of all, those pesky cops.

Sydney, Australia has a lot of people like us.  They spend $7 million annually cleaning pee off of their city streets and buildings.  In order to combat this, the city has erected open air urinals for the drunken masses to use instead of the side of a building:

Great idea!

While a sober person might complain that there’s nowhere to wash one’s hands, a drunk person doesn’t care.

I hear you ladies: “What about us?  What do we get?”  So far you get nothing, though I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the internet delivers us pictures of drunk Aussie lasses using these urinals themselves.   In the meantime, keep squatting behind cars, bushes or whatever it is you can find.