Cheat Sheet
“The Morning Cheat Sheet” is designed for those who may not eat, drink, or breathe sports on a regular basis. Cosby Sweaters delivers the essential bite-sized talking points you can use throughout the day to sound like an expert. When your significant other, coworkers, boss, kids, or the mailman dive into sports related conversation, simply recall and regurgitate “The Morning Cheat Sheet” and watch them nod their head in agreement (or spit out their coffee). Take that sports nerds.

1) Lakers Le Sad – The Lakers are having a pretty hard time as of late.   They have lost 5 straight games (until they won last night), one of their young star players (Andrew Bynum) hurt his knee last night playing (against the Spurs), and one of their players (Steve Blake) came down with the chicken pox.  This is rough because the NBA Playoffs start on April 17th. Instead of falling apart they should be playing much better.  It would be OK to say: “Laker Nation is worried heading into the playoffs, huh.”

2) Hamilton Hurt – The Texas Rangers (who have one of the best records in baseball currently) have an outfielder named Josh Hamilton who has been one of the best players in baseball over the past few years.   He has a pretty incredible back-story of being a recovering drug-addict and completely turned his life around (a definite fan favorite).  However, in a game yesterday he broke his upper right arm and is expected to miss six to eight weeks on a play he called “stupid.”   He has a track record of hurting himself.  Feel free to say at any point today: “Man, Josh Hamilton plays so hard all the time it isn’t a wonder he hurt himself again.

3) Playoffs Abound – Tonight the NHL (Hockey) Playoffs start. April 17th has the NBA Playoffs starting.   This is a pretty good time to understand that the Sports friend that you know/have will be pretty occupied during the next month or so (also, baseball is going on).  Totally acceptable to say: “this is my second favorite time of the year for sports; hockey and basketball playoffs with daytime baseball? Awesome.”