Quinonez Wilson is a Colombian goalkeeper who recently may have set the record for longest goal off of a free kick. The video below shows the goalkeeper lining up a kick from about 3/4th of the pitch and brilliantly dropping the ball above the opposing goalkeepers head. This must be some sort of a record, no?

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via FanHouse UK

  • luke


  • Pat

    Why would the opposing goal keeper touch the ball? It would not have counted if he let it go.

    • Doug

      Huh ??? Of course it would count. There is no rule that says it wouldn’t if the keeper let it go.

    • Know the rules

      It counts regardless if the keeper touches it or not as it was a direct free kick. The referee was not signaling an indirect free kick.

  • Greg

    @Pat, it’s a Direct Free Kick, it would have counted regardless of whether someone touched it or not.

  • why did he get a yellow-card after the score? It look like the ref cards him but I con’t understand the commentary. Any ideas?

    • Jonny

      Removing your jersey after a goal is an automatic yellow card

  • Bruce

    Some NFL team needs to sign this guy. This guy could kick a field goal from his own 20 yard line (83 meters = 91 yards).

    • Brandon

      Not necessarily. Round footballs are probably quite a bit more elastic than elongated ones… lighter too. That said, arguably the best NFL kicker of all time (Morten Andersen) had a soccer background, so there is obviously a significant amount of crossover between the sport, talent-wise.