Swat Robot

SWAT responded to the home of a suicidal Florida man who was threatening authorities. Knowing the man had several guns in his possession, SWAT sent in SWAT robot. The robot is remotely controlled by the team outside the residence so they can safely watch what is going on indoors using SWAT robot’s attached wireless camera.

As SWAT robot approached the West Melbourne home, he was initially greeted by the owner’s dog. Upon entering the home, SWAT robot meets the suspect who is completely naked and armed with a AK-47. Doing what any sane individual would do when confronted by WALL-E, the suspect unloaded a few rounds. Although SWAT robot loses signal for a minute, he regains consciousness and starts playing with artifacts in the guy’s home.

The naked man was charged with criminal mischief.

[via: WBBH Florida]