Brandon Jennings took some time to vent Friday after the Milwaukee Bucks lost to the Indiana Pacers on Friday night.

Here is an excert from The Racine Journal-Times:

After the Bucks were virtually eliminated from the Eastern Conference playoffs in a loss Friday to the Indiana Pacers, Bucks starting point guard Brandon Jennings publicly expressed what many of his teammates had privately felt for months.
“Some guys have the mind-set of winning on the team and some guys just don’t,” Jennings said.
Jennings then an indirectly took a shot at Bucks general manager John Hammond, assistant general manager Jeff Weltman and coach Scott Skiles, the three biggest personnel decision-makers in the organization next to owner Herb Kohl.
“We traded a lot of pieces I feel like we should have kept,” Jennings said. “But that’s part of the business and you’ve got to roll with it.”

Other than Bogut, who is averaging a double double, he is left with John Salmons, Maggette, Gooden and Delfino. Not exactly the strongest supporting cast. However, I’m not sure what pieces the Bucks traded off which would have helped so greatly, Ridnour?

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  • north

    Maybe if Jennings wasn’t so worried about getting his numbers and realized that this was a team game those guys would step up. When they’re never sure if they’ll see the ball for half the game what’s the point in trying? Jennings personifies everything that’s wrong with the new breed of NBA point guard… selfish, loud mouthed, finger pointing gunslinger.

  • Joe

    Another star player looking to leave first chance he can. While I hate to see really good player bail-out on teams, I can’t blame some of them. Some organizations are too comfortable in losing. If they don’t get lottery picks or lucky draft talent then they are not looking to improve. Its hard to image a team like Bucks or Raptors being a strong force in the league. and if they do, its only for one to two yrs and because they got lucky in the draft. some of these team make playoffs with losing records but it consider a success because they are in the playoffs. some cities are just not desirable and the history of the teams doesn’t help.

  • V

    Some players just never get it. And NEVER WILL get it. These “Point Guards” (for the record – Mr. Jennings is averaging 4.9 assists per game, while jacking up 15 shots a game). I guess his childhood idols were Stephon Marbury & Allen Iverson. Go figure; the lil’ punk has tats like ’em, and is bad mouthing his team. Look @ yourself first – then criticize others. A TRUE Point Guard PASSES THE BALL!! Ask Jason Kidd & Steve Nash. Unless Jennings adjusts his game and becomes a “pass-first, shoot-second” PG – he’ll just be another bonehead criticizing others and looking to blame others for his own mistakes. Plain & simple.

    • Rob

      Well said. That’s an immature statement from Brandon. Take responsibility. Recognize that injuries were awfully difficult to overcome. As far as a supporting cast, I think well of most all of his team-mates. They worked hard this year. Mbah Mute especially, Luc is a quality player, hard working and has heart. Brandon could learn a bit from him

  • Brian

    The problem with the bucks is that the supporting cast are all gunslingers. Maggette thinks he should average 20 ppg and will shoot everytime he gets the ball. He only hustles is it’s a chance to score. John Salmons thinks he should avg 20 as well. Gooden thinks he’s a 20 ppg guy, that is why he’s been traded so many times. Defino, what team could he start for in the nba? none! Bogut is a top 5 center no doubt. Jennings is good scorer and his assist numbers are low but deceiving playing with Maggette and Salmons who need to dribble to get buckets. Delfino is really the only guy you can pass it to for spot up jumpers to get assist. The pieces on the bucks just don’t fit. Salmons and Maggette are nearly the same player and the Bucks only need one of them and that should be coming off the bench. Don’t underestimate the cold Wisconsin weather as far as being a reason to bail as well. I have no problems admitting that I couldn’t live north of memphis to DC from the midwest moving east. if I had the option. The cold winters are too much of a burden even if you are a millionaire.

    • Brian, you are the only guy who has actually watched a Bucks game who has commented so far. Jennings is not the problem, and i am happy he spoke out. Did we really need to pick up Maggette’s bloated contract and stank-ass attitude. he fluffs off all game thinking that since he hustles during the fourth quarter he is worth his weight. Earl Boykins? really, is this a legitimate back up? yes Ridnour was the loss he is talking about, he provided the back up and guidance that Jennings needed. do you think he was talking about Dan “dumb-as-a-box-o-rocks” Gadzuric? the Bucks were without Bogut for a good chunk of the season which hurt them as well. and would someone please tell me what the heck Mike Redd is doing?