Keg Stands on the ElYou have to respect fans who do keg stands on the El. A few thoughts regarding the below clip:

1) How did they get the keg on the train?

2) This was after 3 games into the season, what the hell does winning a World Series warrant in terms of celebrations?

3) Imagine if the train stopped mid-keg stand?

via NBC

  • the guy who took the video

    Since I’m the guy that recorded these kids, I’ll answer your thoughts.

    1. They carried it, literally, from the ballpark, to the broad street line, to the el and finally to wherever their final destination may have been off the last stop at the Frankford Transportation center. Their own version of the tough man competition I suppose….

    2. I don’t even want to know

    3. The train did stop. Multiple times. They did this for about 6 stops. I recorded it for roughly 3 of the stops.

    And to answer your last question I’m sure you’re thinking, no, I have no idea who these kids are. I’m just glad they were nice knowing what kind of people you can usually find on the el. They were just kids being kids. Look on the bright side, they weren’t driving.