Last night when the Los Angeles Clippers took on the Oklahoma City Thunder you knew that there would be at least one good Blake Griffin highlight. What you probably didn’t expect was that it would have featured Blake getting bested. Serge Ibaka decided to get a little revenge for losing to Griffin in the Dunk competition and denied access to the basket during 4th quarter.

via SB Nation

  • Now this I love to see! I’m so sick of all of this Blake Griffin hype. The media has been having a field day with this guy, and it’s dissapointing because it gives the impression that in order to make it in the league you have to be able to dunk. It’s the reason why you can visit any street basketball court in America and see teenagers choosing to practice dunking than actual fundamentals, such as pick ‘n rolls, screens, and blocking out.

    By the way, Serge Ibaka got robbed in the 2011 Sprite Dunk Contest. And oh, I wish Kia would quit looping their ad of Blake Griffin jumping over the car. He could’ve done that WITHOUT the car. What’s the big deal?