Twitter #dickbar

Users of the iPhone Twitter app were not pleased when the QuickBar a.k.a. #Dickbar was introduced into the application. The #Dickbar prominately displayed trending topics and promoted advertisements on top of your tweet-stream. Users were upset because the UI became obstructed. Twitter later updated the #Dickbar to make it fixed at the top, no longer covering tweets in the tweet-stream. Users were still upset. Today Twitter has put the #Dickbar back in its pants and removed it from the application. An update for the Twitter app sans #Dickbar is available now in the App Store. Sources at Twitter say they hope to introduce a new way to display trending topics and promoted ads within the app in the future.

P.S. I always feel like a dork when I talk about Twitter. I honestly can’t stand it. It has nothing to do with the service but everything to do with the name.

[via: Twitter Blog]

Twitter Super Dickbar