Jockey released their first ad featuring Tim Tebow today. This will be the first of many featuring Tebow who inked a multi-year deal to be the face of Jockey. To be completely honest, before I saw this ad I wasn’t sure if I could dislike Tim Tebow more than I already do. I was wrong.

Jockey CMO Dustin Cohn said in a statement regarding the campaign:

β€œThe commercial is part of a larger integrated campaign to support Jockey staycool, and reinforce our commitment to offering cutting-edge products to our customers.”

via Jockey

  • waddywoos

    what was wron with that? Put any other athlete in the same position and you’re gonna have the same, hate-filled reaction? really? Looks like this blog has a terrible case of writer’s bias….

  • wondering

    Seriously, you have an issue with this? I will give you the fact you don’t like Tebow, that is of course your own opinion. But this couldn’t be a safer, bland commercial and that is the problem? No, you don’t like him and it’s apparent. You should have just stopped after saying you don’t like him. To ridicule him is trying to find fault in anyone who gets ahead because they give it their all. He has succeeded and it galls you. Is it so bad for a guy to succeed who on paper shouldn’t have? I am guessing Tebow would be the first who would congratulate you if you succeeded in an endeavor. Really, it’s time to find something else in life to focus on in a positive area because this is plain scary. Heck, I could handle it easier if you trashed his football ability…but this?

  • Roz

    I didn’t see anything wrong with the ad either. Maybe this guy just doesn’t like the Broncos, so he can’t like Tebow. I would have liked a full shot of Tebow walking, to see how he was fitting his jeans. πŸ™‚

  • Jack Thomas

    This blogger has a bad case of jealousy. Get a life.

  • David

    I like Tim tebow as an athlete and especially as a person for who he seems (I say seems since I myself don’t actually know him and we all know that the public persona is not always the true person) to be. As a spokeperson though he’s terrible in this ad…the cheesy grin, his delivery…ugh. Looks like amateur hour.

    Still likeand admire him though.

  • Ernest

    This blogger is a hack, at best. He has a bias because he never fullfilled his potential in sports and dislikes others that have. Sad human being for sure.

  • Ruth Ann

    Give the guy a break. He looks great. Tim is a Christian and very open about his faith. Doing an ad for men’s underwear might have taken some getting used to. Yes, I would have liked to have seen a full shot of him too!. I say good for him. At least it’s a quality product.

  • Are you serious??? You can’t honestly consider yourself to be a serious journalist; at least not an honest impartial one. Time for some self analysis.

  • What a shammer! Tebow has his personality in tact and is the same whenever I seem him and listen to him speak. You don’t sense a lot of anger or ego issue with him. What you see is what you get so maybe you as a writer need to get a grip on the reality of TT. See you in the funny papers!