Google Cosby Sweaters +1

Google, the world’s most dominant search engine, is on a mission to dominate the social web as players like Facebook and Twitter continue to grow in influence and command over social chatter and activity. Today Google introduced an experimental search feature through Google Labs called the “+1 button”. The plus one, or +1 button, goes straight after Facebook’s “Like” and Twitter’s “Tweet this” feature that are now a common part of sharing your online experience and personality with your friends and colleagues.

So how does Google’s +1 button work? The +1 button appears next to your search results where you can +1 something that you like. Doing so will share this activity with your Google Chat contacts, the people you follow on Google Buzz, and those you follow on Google Reader. For example, when I search “cosby sweaters”, and comes up, I hit the +1 button next to search result. The next time one of my Google Chat buddy searches “cosby sweaters”, they will see that it has been +1’d. You can use the +1 button on search results, websites, and advertisements.

Want to see it in action? Visit Google Experimental Search and join the +1 button experiment.

Google Cosby Sweaters +1 Confirmation Prompt

Google Cosby Sweaters +1'd